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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Providing cleanliness and confidence in the workplace

It’s more crucial than ever for organizations to provide clean, safe, and healthy environments for those returning to the workplace amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 
facility cleaning

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

COVID-19 is bringing common sense back to cleaning

The importance of education, communication, and getting the basics right has never been clearer.
Paper product dispensers

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Paper product dispensers: Which one is right for your restroom?

One of the most common complaints about buildings relates to the upkeep of restrooms. Research shows that restroom cleanliness affects a company’s bottom line, as

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New app helps users find and rate clean restrooms

Cintas launched a new app to help users find and rate clean restrooms in their vicinity.

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More spending at businesses with clean restrooms

A new survey found that when businesses let restroom maintenance slip they are at a high risk of jeopardizing customer sales.
Bayview Village Shopping Centre

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Canada’s Best Restroom is crowned

Bayview Village Shopping Centre in Toronto is the winner of Canada's Best Restroom Award.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

1000 Islands Duty Free voted best restroom

Following a public vote on the top five restrooms in the country, Cintas Canada has crowned the bathrooms at the 1000 Islands Duty Free Shop