The art of the janitorial cleaning cart

Choosing your cart wisely will save you time and money.
Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The cleaning cart is a fundamental tool for cleaners and janitorial staff, easing some of the labour stress, increasing efficiency, and helping to get the job done. Over the years, as commercial cleaning products and practices have changed, cleaning carts have evolved to meet the daily needs of cleaning teams.

Keep your carts performing at their best as mobile workstations, by communicating with your cleaning team to provide the best options for your teams.

Assess your needs

Not all carts are created equal, so choosing a cart that addresses your building’s or client’s specific needs will help cleaners simplify their tasks, save trips to the supply closet, and help carry the weight of some of the heavier equipment.

It’s not just about cleaning supplies, consider what is important when the carts are being used. Are you concerned about noise? Will it need added durability for outdoor use? Where will you store the carts? These factors (and more) will help you decide on the right carts for your business.

Including components like garbage cans or spots to store signage can also be helpful when cleaners have lots of ground to cover in a shorter amount of time.

Between 2023 and 2028, the janitorial cart industry is predicted to grow 9.1 percent, so there will be more competition among manufacturers. Knowing what you need will help you avoid making duplicate purchases to correct a mistake, or updating your carts sooner than necessary.

Stay up to date

As cleaning practices and tools evolve, so does the cart. For example, many of the older carts have spots for a string mop and bucket, but as companies adopt microfibre mopping options, the cart needs to be updated to stay at its most functional.

Do your research, follow the trends, and adopt new practices to improve your performance. Look at updating your carts every few years to stay on top of the evolving industry and to consistently provide the best tools for your team.

By taking a deep dive into what you are looking for, the needs of your building, and the best ways to make the job easier, you will be able to narrow down the best choices for your business. Staying on top of industry changes and trends will ensure that you don’t find yourself falling behind with outdated carts that don’t do the job. Janitorial carts can speed up work, cut labour, and make cleaners happier in their work. Consider the above factors to make sure you invest in the best janitorial carts for your needs.

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