Condo Q&A

Indoor Swimming Pool

Electrical safety tips for swimming pools

What are electrical safety tips for swimming pools, and how can problems be detected and avoided? Mark Marmer of Signature Electric explains.
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Internal financial controls for condos

What internal financial controls should a condo corporation have in place? Judy Sue and William Stratas explain.
Eric Laxton

Defining material changes in new condos

What constitutes material changes in new condos that would require disclosure from the developer? Eric Laxton of Chappell Partners LLP explains.
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Implementing condo operational controls

What condo operational controls should a corporation have in place? Judy Sue and William Stratas of Eagle Audit Advantage explain.
Robert Weinberg

Managing condo rule enforcement

How should a manager approach condo rule enforcement? Robert Weinberg of Percel Inc. offers his expert opinion.
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Avoiding spikes in condo expenses

How can boards avoid spikes in planned condo expenses set out in reserve fund studies? Eric Plant of Brilliant Property Management explains.
Adam Artman

Leveraging online marketing tools to sell condos

How can developers and real estate agents leverage online marketing tools to drive sales? Adam Artman of UrbanForm offers his expert advice.
Ryan Michel

Covering gaps in a condo corporation’s insurance

Where does a condo corporation's insurance policy end and a resident's policy begin? Ryan Michel of Allstate Canada explains.
Deborah Howden

Understanding undue hardship in condos

What constitutes undue hardship for a condo corporation assessing a request for accommodation? Lawyer Deborah Howden explains.
Anita Wiklem

Forecasting condo design trends for 2014

What are the top condo design trends for the coming year? Anita Wiklém of Wiklém Design Inc. offers this expert advice.
Deborah Howden

Duty to accommodate versus condo rules

What is a condominium corporation's duty to accommodate a resident? Deborah Howden of Shibley Righton LLP’s Condominium Law Group explains.

Limiting water damage during emergencies

How can a property manager minimize water damage during a leak while waiting for a technician? Derek Kernick of Brady & Seidner Associates explains.
Anita Wiklem

Winter matting doesn’t need to be an eyesore

How can winter matting be designed to serve its function with style? Anita Wiklém, creative director at Wiklém Design Inc., offers her expert opinion.
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When courts appoint administrators to condos

Why would a court-appointed administrator be assigned to a condo corporation? Experts Robert Buckler and Karen Kisiel explain.

Responding to requests for condo records

When are condo boards required to release documents to owners? Josh Milgrom, an associate with Heenan Blaikie LLP's condominium group, explains.

Mediation versus arbitration

What's the difference between mediation and arbitration? Jeanette Bicknell, a mediator with the Sadowski Resolutions Group, explains.

Calling on technology in emergencies

How can technology facilitate efficient emergency communications in a condo? Nicholas Gill, managing partner of, weighs in.