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What’s ahead for virtual meetings in 2021?

Up until May 31, 2021, condominium corporations can hold virtual meetings and use electronic voting, without a bylaw.


Owner and visitor disclosure as crisis unfolds

As the condo community deals with legal uncertainties during the pandemic, one important topic to address is owner and visitor disclosure.
electronic voting


Electronic voting still met with resistance

Opponents of electronic voting are scared it will expose the archaic and flawed system of proxy voting for what it is: unnecessary and obsolete.
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Managing short-term condo rentals

The explosive growth of online short-term rental websites has caused considerable controversy and concerns for condominium corporations
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Special assessments in condos: a legal perspective

There are instances where unit owners may have recourse to insurance to cover their share of the special assessment. Ahead are a few examples.
Pet bans in condos


Condo pet bans: A legal perspective

Emotions are running high at two CityPlace buildings after the condominium corporation started enforcing a rule that prohibits any pets that were not registered with the corporation by a specified date.


Cannabis use in condos: A case study

It was recently reported in the media that a Mississauga condominium corporation enacted a rule that requires all residents who wish to smoke cannabis in

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How electronic voting works in condos

Now that electronic voting is allowed in Ontario condos, how exactly does it work?
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Fate of outstanding condo law reforms unknown

The fate of some of the recent changes Ontario’s condo laws remains unknown after the change in provincial government three months ago.
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Electronic voting for condos comes to Canada

A U.S.-based company has introduced electronic voting for condos to Canada, paving the way for corporations to completely digitize the ballot box.
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A blind spot in new EV charging station rules?

The new rules that will steer the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at Ontario condo properties starting next week may have a blind spot.
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Minimum wage hike to follow new condo fees

The minimum wage hike may sting more in condo communities than others as they face new costs associated with recent changes to Ontario’s condo laws.


Proceed with caution when entering units

A condo board may gain access to an owner's unit under select circumstances, not on suspicion the owner is breaking ...

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Don’t get too personal during hiring process

Human rights legislation in Ontario place practical constraints on what information an employer may collect during the hiring process.
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Responsible online communities

This video report delves into the issue of responsible online communities. Commentators: Christopher Jaglowitz, a lawyer and arbitrator at Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP, and Denise Lash, a real estate and condominium lawyer at Heenan Blaikie LLP.