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electric vehicles

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Accommodating electric vehicles in your condo building

How electric vehicles are changing the built environment and why property managers should care.
electric vehicles


Montreal condo becomes 100 per cent EV-ready

A condo in Outremont, Montreal is the first building of its kind to be ready to host electric vehicles at every interior and exterior parking stall.

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Innovation grant to fund solar-powered medical aid in conflict zones

Over the next two years, the Health Integrated Resilience System (HIRS) project will launch a pilot electronic vehicle (EV) ambulance system and work on integrating remote telemedicine services in solar-powered hospitals and clinics in Syria.
previously awarded EVC grants

Canadian Property Management

Ontario qualifies previously approved EVC grants

Approved applicants who have already acted on the former government's promise will be in position to collect the rebate. Those who did not purchase equipment or sign a contract to authorize investment prior to July 4 will receive no funds.
range anxiety

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Retail leader buckles down on EV range anxiety

CF's national electric vehicle charging program will add 45 networked chargers at 15 shopping centres, helping to ease range anxiety and ramp up EV sales.
electric landscaping

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Electric landscaping project a first in Canada

International Landscaping won a bid for Meadowvale North Business Park in Ontario and is now working on Canada’s largest electric landscaping project.

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Ontario unveils electric vehicle charging sites

Two fast food purveyors are the most prominent on the list of 24 public and private sector partners chosen to accommodate 485 new electric vehicle charging stations.
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500 EV charging stations coming to Ontario

Ontario wants to install about 500 EV charging stations along highways and at workplaces, condos and public spaces starting in 2017.

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B.C. invests in multi-res EV charging stations

The B.C. government plans to expand and upgrade public and residential EV charging infrastructure.

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IKEA Canada to install EV stations nationwide

IKEA Canada will become the first retailer in Canada to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at each of its across the country.

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B.C. school districts get $5-mil for energy savings

Twenty-four school districts in B.C. will share $5 million in funding for various energy projects, as part of the Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP). Lighting

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Québec City adds prime EV charging station

Visitors of Place Québec in Québec City can now charge their electric vehicles (EV) in the parking lot of the shopping and business complex. The

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The benefits of EV charging stations

As electric vehicles gain popularity across Canada, property managers and owners can benefit by installing EV charging stations of their own.


Accommodating electric vehicles in condos

Installing electric vehicle-charging stations during construction is straightforward, but retrofitting existing properties can be a challenge.

Construction Business

Meeting the demand for electric vehicles

The new Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program will provide the electric vehicle transportation sector of the electrical industry with a structured platform to facilitate training and certification for the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment across residential, commercial/public and fleet markets.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Electric cars have developers charged up

As electric vehicles become more popular, the building industry is starting to look at how it can accommodate ...