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How to provide healthy environments & meet climate goals

Three key lessons for making buildings energy- and carbon-efficient and healthy.
efficiency retrofits

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What are the cost savings of efficiency retrofits?

One of the greatest contributors to skyrocketing maintenance fees is inefficient or outdated infrastructure in aging buildings—a preventable expenditure when properly managed.
energy efficiency

Canadian Property Management

5 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

According to Veronica Ochoa, Building Performance Project Designer with RJC Engineers, improving energy efficiency is likely the top priority for today’s building owners facing costly, mandatory retrofits by 2025.
Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia community buildings get funding for energy efficiency

A crop of community buildings in Nova Scotia are getting energy efficient upgrades through multilevel government commitments, including $3.3 million from the province. 
net zero

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Reaching net zero in the age of COVID-19

Optimizing ventilation and air handling systems is key to achieving net zero energy performance goals.

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Biophilic design of new TRCA HQ puts wood first

Encased in glass, four water walls will symbolize TRCA’s role of safeguarding the GTA’s watersheds while also being an integral part of the building’s HVAC system.

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B.C. boosts energy efficiency standards

The B.C. government has boosted energy efficiency standards with the release of amendment 7 to the Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation. 

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Rethinking the demands of facility operations

Facility owners and managers must rethink the demands of existing operations and systems to deal with rapidly fluctuating capacity.
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Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Report suggests new building codes aren’t tough enough on energy efficiency

An Efficiency Canada report suggests a lack of mandatory air leak testing in buildings hinders attempts at net-zero energy efficiency.
refrigeration energy

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

UNIDO offers guidance for refrigeration energy efficiency

UNIDO is launching its latest guidance document supporting domestic and commercial refrigeration manufacturers seeking to improve energy efficiency.

Canadian Property Management

Now is the time to invest in deep energy retrofits

Terry Bergen, Managing Principal at RJC Engineers, discusses deep energy retrofits and their importance to the Canadian economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
smart tech

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Smart tech energy upgrades to HVAC systems

Smart tech can help segment the exact needs and usage patterns of varying buildings and deem how best to provide comfort to residents.

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Buildings can now report energy and water usage for 2019

Building owners and managers can now report their 2019 energy and water usage to the ministry, with the deadline extended due to COVID-19.
LEED Platinum


Energy efficiency powers condo to LEED Platinum

Perched on the edge of the waterfront, south of the Distillery District near Sugar Beach, Toronto’s first LEED Platinum high-rise condo stands in the Bayside
Allied offers $600 million in debentures, in line with its green financing framework

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B.C. pilot project benchmarks carbon emissions

Four British Columbia Lower Mainland cities have launched a pilot project designed to help building owners and managers to benchmark carbon emissions.

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Free program helps BC landlords save energy, water and money

FortisBC’s Rental Apartment Efficiency Program helps landlords with energy efficiency in their buildings, saving water and energy.

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How to make laundry practices more eco-friendly

It takes a lot of resources to get linens clean. How can businesses make their laundry practices more sustainable and reap the associated benefits?