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Requisitions: waiting on changes to the Condo Act

Requisitions and the self-help remedy can be extremely complex, not to mention the litigation that may ensue.
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Why are insurance costs rising?

Insurance costs for condo corporations have been rising. Some face sharp increases in premiums and deductibles; others are unable to renew their insurance.


Condo budgeting concerns afoot

Financial uncertainty prevails for condo corporations that are anxious about continuing operations and budgeting in the wake of COVID-19.
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Ontario amends emergency order for condo meetings

Last week, the Ontario government took further action to support condominium corporations, including a new emergency order for condo meetings.


Food delivery changes challenge condo security

Recent innovations in delivery services may raise additional security concerns for condos, placing renewed importance on access control.
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Condo returns, registry coming to Ontario in 2018

Ontario condo corporations can expect to start filing annual returns in 2018, according to a regulatory proposal released last week.