Programs & Incentives


Getting started in decarbonization

As we strive to lessen our impact on the environment, decarbonization is something that maintenance managers can work towards to help reach the sustainability goals.
energy efficiency

Save money with better energy efficiency in your building

As a facility manager, energy efficiency is an important tool to save money and get your building running at its best. Even though Canada is
commercial lighting rebates

Are you missing out on commercial lighting rebates for your facility?

These days, every cent counts, and commercial lighting rebates may be a way for your facility to make the most of your lighting choices. It’s
corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability challenges – and how to overcome them

Sustainability today is more than just tracking emissions and reducing consumption.
Sustainability Council

ISSA forms new Sustainability Council

ISSA "realizes there is a significant need to take a leading role in the cleaning industry to assist ISSA members with their sustainability efforts".

U.S. proposes to mandate GHG disclosures

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposes that businesses be required to disclose greenhouse gas emissions.

CAGBC takes over LEED green certification

LEED certification and professional credentialling in Canada has been consolidated under the Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC).

University of Calgary recognized for environmental stewardship

The university has been named as the 2022 recipient of the ISSA Canada Environmental Stewardship Award.

Canada’s clean energy efforts garner plaudits

The International Energy Agency commends Canada's targets and policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and identifies it as a potential key player in the transition to low-carbon energy sources

6 changes in LEED and the future of green cleaning

Later this year, U.S. Green Building Council members will be voting on six changes to LEED cleaning credits.
green cleaning

Green cleaning beyond the pandemic

Post-COVID-19, there is no room for guessing or trial-and-error purchasing. If green cleaning is here to stay, it must be tried, tested, and proven.

ASHRAE and IUVA further collaboration on UV tech

The agreement sharpens the organizations' focus on advancing emerging research and tech to support a more sustainable built environment.
Mass retrofit model set for low-rise trial

Community buildings targeted for retrofit funds

Two distinct, but complementary new federal programs promise funds for community buildings. Both are focused on meeting GHG reduction targets and are aligned with a pledge to invest $15 billion to address climate change and boost the green economy.

Sustainability on Display 

Promoting sustainability is key to leaner and more resilient facility operations. For this reason, facility managers/owners are relying on digital signage to get their messages across. 
green building

USGBC develops COVID-focused LEED credit

The USGBC's new pilot credit in the LEED green building rating system supports building operators as they respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.
green cleaning audit

Steps for conducting a green cleaning audit

A green cleaning program is about more than simply using ‘green’ products.
waste management

Built Green Canada promotes waste management

Waste Reduction Week in Canada is a national year-round program that kicks-off in October and focuses on the circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction.