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How to provide healthy environments & meet climate goals

Three key lessons for making buildings energy- and carbon-efficient and healthy.

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

10 ways the cleaning industry can fight climate change

The threat posed by climate change keeps growing, as do the warnings of its dire consequences, but what can the cleaning industry do?

Construction Business

Streets for People underway in New Westminster

Streets for People was adopted by New Westminster City Council as a way to address the shifts in use of public space due to COVID-19.
concrete carbon neutral

Construction Business

Concrete industry targets carbon neutral future

Forty cement and concrete companies unveiled a joint industry ‘2050 Climate Ambition’ to deliver society with carbon neutral concrete by 2050.
green buildings

Design Quarterly

Green buildings can re-ignite Canada’s economy

CaGBC has released its recommendations on how the green building industry can contribute to Canada’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery.
Allied offers $600 million in debentures, in line with its green financing framework

Canadian Property Management

B.C. pilot project benchmarks carbon emissions

Four British Columbia Lower Mainland cities have launched a pilot project designed to help building owners and managers to benchmark carbon emissions.
2030 resilient district

Canadian Property Management

Greater Victoria 2030 Resiliency District launches

The City of Victoria and District of Saanich are partnering with BOMA BC to create the Greater Victoria 2030 Resiliency District.

Design Quarterly

Associations endorse integrated climate action

An integrated approach is needed for emissions reduction and adaptation to climate change practices, according to a Simon Fraser University (SFU) report.
Solar Panels

REMI Network

Edmonton takes action on climate change

The City of Edmonton has launched the Corporate Climate Leaders Program, a new initiative for businesses concerned about climate change.