Human Resources


Ensuring front-line workers are safe and engaged

A thriving facility starts with prioritizing staff, cleanliness, and safety. However, overworking employees and relying on them to maintain their own workplace has been shown
facility management

Recruiting the next generation in facility and maintenance management

Like many other industries, facility management will see a significant shift as baby boomers head towards retirement. In fact, experts predict that when this happens,
cleaning schedules

Mastering your cleaning schedules

As staffing shortages continue and we adjust to new service expectations, mastering your cleaning schedules helps to improve efficiency and save you money. A solid
customer relationships

How cleaning companies can build recession-proof relationships

As we face some uncertainty in the economy with rising inflation and talk of recession, it can cause anxiety on how best to secure a

Lighten the load: the value of outsourcing professional cleaning services

By Julia Messinger Facility maintenance is a complex responsibility, with many factors to consider, and elements and outsourcing professional cleaning services could help make your

Is your warehouse accessible?

Is your warehouse accessible to your entire team? Even with the continued growth of automation and “smart warehouses,” people are still the lifeblood of your
janitorial staff

Supporting your janitorial staff is important for your business

Cleaning and sanitizing have been centre stage in recent years, and it’s taken its toll on cleaners.  According to a recent study, 80 per cent
facility management

Planning a career change in facility management

For many FM industry members, there seems to be a basic pattern to job hop every two to five years. In today’s changing work environment, it is acceptable to desire greater career challenges or opportunities.

4 ways to retain employees and boost morale

During this challenging labour market, it’s critical to ensure employees are satisfied with their work environment.

Technology, workers, and BSCs: Bridging the gap

Hallmark Housekeeping Services Senior VP Chris King discusses how technology can help ease the labour burden – as part of a multifaceted approach
retaining employees

4 tips for retaining employees and boosting morale

It's more critical than ever for businesses to provide a clean, enjoyable, and supportive work environment.

Where do BSCs and PMs go from here?

A building service contractor and property management discussion on the present and the future was a cornerstone of the 2022 ISSA Show Canada program.

Inflation and wage increases are twin problems for companies

Inflation, in combination with tight labour markets, is compounding the rising wages in the frontline service workforce.

Looking to hire workers? Meet them with money

Two-thirds of U.S. adults would prefer a 10 per cent pay increase over an additional week of paid time off.

Cultivating a culture of care in the cleaning industry

How to balance increased demand with a nationwide labour shortage.
environmental hygiene

Healthcare facilities know they lack in environmental hygiene

A study found 98% of healthcare facilities surveyed are not meeting the full HEH guidelines offered by the World Health Organization.

The hiring question: experience or training?

The decision depends on your particular company or facility's circumstances and goals.