Electrical & Lighting


Boost energy efficiency in your building

As facility and maintenance managers continue to strive for top building performance, energy efficiency remains an important factor in cutting costs, boosting efficiency, and increasing
fire safety

Focus on fire safety for your building

Fire safety is a critical part of your maintenance plan. Along with threatening the safety of your staff and visitors, the risk of fire creates
commercial lighting

Innovation in commercial lighting

What’s new in the world of lighting? As sustainability takes centre stage in the world of maintenance and management, commercial lighting has evolved to embrace
HVAC maintenance checklist

Your spring HVAC maintenance checklist

Winter is coming to an end at last, and warmer weather is right around the corner, so it’s time to take a look at your

Prepare your facility for winter storms

Winter weather brings all sorts of storms, and as a building manager or operator, planning ahead to mitigate risks and spare your budget is an
power loss

Preparing for power loss in your facility

Power loss is a real concern for facilities, caused by anything from ice storms or lightning to fallen trees to aging machinery. As a facility
commercial lighting rebates

Are you missing out on commercial lighting rebates for your facility?

These days, every cent counts, and commercial lighting rebates may be a way for your facility to make the most of your lighting choices. It’s

Pandemic intensifies evolving role of FM

Facility managers are no longer viewed as a back-office function, but rather “a strategic instrument to attract and retain talent and create a great experience,”

The power of UV-C light

The pandemic has led to rapid growth in the UV-C market, and there is science behind its power against microbes.
generator safety

Summer ideal for generator safety refresh

Following manufacturer guidelines and using the right fuel are just two of the summertime generator safety tips provided by OPEI.
key building services deemed essential in Ontario and Quebec

Electrical code changes property managers should know

For building owners and property managers who don’t do their due diligence, the implications can be catastrophic.
James Bay communities

James Bay communities develop local expertise

Energy conservation initiatives are cutting costs and supporting skills development that make health care operations more self-reliant in five James Bay communities.

Canadian children lack accessible play spaces

Playgrounds across the country continue to leave children on the sidelines with design and maintenance practices that are not fully inclusive.
accessibility audit

U of Manitoba begins largest accessibility audit

The University of Manitoba is currently undertaking the largest accessibility audit ever conducted in the province.
restoring power

Restoring power to electrical systems post flood

Flooding heightens the risk of occupational electrical-related fatalities and injuries when restoring power to electrical systems.
asbestos ban

Existing asbestos stockpile raises concerns

Although Canada is finally banning asbestos-containing products for good by 2018, the government hasn’t yet clarified issues related to existing asbestos.
hospital upgrades

Utility savings fund Saskatoon hospital upgrades

After completing significant hospital upgrades last year, Royal University Hospital is now doubling the expected savings from energy improvements.