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Innovation in commercial lighting

Today’s technology makes lighting more efficient and eco-friendly.
Tuesday, June 6, 2023

What’s new in the world of lighting? As sustainability takes centre stage in the world of maintenance and management, commercial lighting has evolved to embrace these ideals, too. These days, the idea of sustainability goes well beyond just saving energy by turning lights off when they’re not needed.

Technology-enhanced lighting has evolved to enable you to better manage your building’s maintenance, save you money, and lower your building’s carbon footprint.

Internet of Things

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IOT), maintenance managers are privy to a whole host of insights that can help boost efficiency and save their budgets. Lighting systems can now be considered data systems, providing information on user preferences, traffic, occupancy, light levels, temperature, humidity, and more. Not only can this help you better manage your lighting needs, but it can also be used to optimize other areas of your building, like HVAC, space utilization, and security systems.

Luminaire-level lighting controls

Luminaire-level lighting controls (LLLC) are the newest trend n the lighting scene, which combine data, LEDs, control, and connectivity to improve efficiency. They are designed to incorporate occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, continuous dimming, and more, to make lighting simple, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. The sensors are easily installed, adjustable based on your needs, and energy-saving, so they allow you to spend less time (and money) on the lighting system in your building.


As AI makes its way into just about every industry, lighting can also benefit from this innovative technology, from design to installation to configuration. AI can allow lighting systems to become in tune with your building’s activities, optimizing the user experience based on its ability to improve on the parameters you set.

Are you considering investing in an upgrade to your lighting system? AI can be used to help create a functional and efficient design. By inputting your needs and building model, you can get help designing a system specifically for your building to optimize efficiency right from the start.

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As lighting gets more advanced, managers can stay connected to the needs of the building, create accurate budgets, and increase their sustainable efforts by embracing the industry’s newest innovations.

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