The fatal flaws behind the Surfside condo collapse

Building failures of this horrific scope are seldom seen in North America. But it is important to examine what happened so we can learn and prevent similar collapses in the future.

Recent thefts draw attention to condo security

A few Toronto-based condos authorized a “safety and security” committee, made up of owners, to research security concerns and solutions and advise the board of directors.
proof of vaccination

Recent proof-of-vaccination decisions in condos

None of us know how long proof of vaccination will be required in Ontario in the settings mandated by the province, or whether those areas and exemptions will be amended over time.

CAT evolves in jurisdiction but not costs

Although we are seeing the types of cases a court normally hears being transferred to the CAT, we are not seeing the principles regarding costs the court has adopted being transferred and implemented as well.
vaccine policies

The legalities of vaccine policies in condos

An increasing number of condos within the last two months have implemented mandatory vaccination policies, which apply to indoor common element amenity users and on-site employees.

Data privacy faces renewed scrutiny in condos

Maintaining residents’ privacy is nothing new in condos, but optional vaccine policies are bringing more relevance to the issue of anonymity. .

The nuances of amenity access during COVID

A vaccine policy for amenity use may spark emotionally-charged debates from opposing residents and enforcing it proves challenging.
condo board

A condo board’s guide to fixing people problems

If one board director considers another director problematic, despite an excellent board orientation, it is time to act.

Cases spotlight the CAT’s wait-and-see approach 

The CAT appears to have adopted a wait-and-see approach, not only with respect to motions to dismiss, but also with respect to the disclosure of records to a unit owner whom the condominium might perceive as problematic.

Scanning the road ahead for EV-ready condos

As the country moves to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, questions are brewing among people living in multi-unit dwellings.
security cameras

The private side of security cameras in condos

Security cameras should be located in such a manner that they do not record activities outside the condominium’s property line.
vested interests

Who plays a role in managing vested interests?

Bonflict of interest on the board of directors is a topic that often raises ire of many owners and prospective buyers.
condo collapse

Could a Florida condo collapse happen in Ontario?

How would this scenario unfold in Ontario? Leaving aside the construction process itself, there are vast differences between Ontario and Florida condominium laws that would have given the Champlain towers significant added protections following registration.

Three red flags of risky procurement practices

Federal scrutiny of condo procurement should be sufficient reason for diligent condo boards to examine their procurement practices.

Preventing conflicts from escalating in condos

There are strategies that can be helpful to consider in recognition of the fact that reactive approaches to conflict can be quite costly for condo boards.

Cases spotlight cost of poor communication

In some condos, communication channels break down or don’t exist, causing unnecessary expenditures that corporations and owners must incur.
elevator repair

Ontario advances elevator repair legislation

Ontario is kicking the dust off of elevator repair legislation, which was passed under the Liberal government in May 2018 but never proclaimed into law.