property crime

Mitigating the risk of property crime

While 2020 boasted the lowest property crime rate in more than 50 years, crime rates have not continued to sink since then.
governing documents

Enforcing the governing documents

How can a property manager or board member understand what steps to take when enforcing the governing documents?

Legal implications of AI in condo management

AI in condominium property management can have several legal implications, depending on how it is implemented and used. Here are some important legal considerations:
mortgage fraud

What to do after falling victim to mortgage fraud

If you are the victim of mortgage fraud involving a mortgage lender and a third-party fraudster, chasing after the fraudster should be secondary to taking immediate steps to try and preserve your rights and prevent your condo from being sold.

Actuaries garner new insight into condo finances

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ latest insight statement on the longevity of condo infrastructure explores several risks.

On trust and transparency in condos

As the cornerstone of condominium living, trust is, oddly, seldom spoken about amongst owners and residents.
emergency prepardeness

Updating your condo’s emergency response plan

As spring temperatures arrive and snow and ice finally recede, condominium managers often face property maintenance issues that arise or were neglected during the winter
mortgage fraud

Preventing title and mortgage fraud

How do condo owners protect themselves and their biggest investment from being victims of title fraud or mortgage fraud?

Rental demand spotlights tenant relationships

As condos supply the surging demand for rental housing many corporations may be experiencing a rise in tenant-occupied units.

Legislation escalating condo manager workloads

There are many problems with having property managers act as a condo’s legal representative in a CAT application.

When owners open a home-based business

From ensuite take-out resto to teaching downward facing dog in the common areas, here’s the lowdown on this trendier work-from-home shift, with some legal and insurance tips.
labour shortage

Rethinking staffing models amid a labour shortage

How new staffing solutions could improve a property manager’s working conditions and ease the labour shortage.

Have you implemented your harassment rules and policies?

Unfortunately, over the last couple of years, we have seen an increasing trend of unacceptable behaviour within condo communities, directed at property managers, directors, other owners/residents and even contractors.

There’s no eye for an eye in team

Making decisions as a team and standing together as a team is a key component to success.

Strengthening your condo’s cybersecurity system

Here’s what you should know about cyberattacks, how to improve your cybersecurity network, and what to do if your corporation is hacked.

Handling pet disputes in condos

Many condominium corporations that allow pets to varying degrees may see more four-legged friends roaming around, and there are several common issues residents will likely have to contend with.

The CAT’s elusive middle ground

How fast is too fast to bring an enforcement matter to the Condominium Authority Tribunal of Ontario (the CAT).