Clamping down on renovictions

Hamilton will soon be the first city in Ontario to introduce a renoviction bylaw forcing landlords to obtain a licence prior to issuing an N-13
Conversion momentum draws on combo of factors

Conversion momentum draws on combo of drivers

Replicating Calgary’s nascent office-to-residential conversion momentum in other markets will likely depend on the same combination of weak office values, strong housing demand and generous incentives.

The legacy of Sen̓áḵw

Currently underway in Vancouver, Sen̓áḵw is a powerful testament to Indigenous land ownership and an economic legacy that’s expected to generate upwards of $10 billion in revenue for the Squamish Nation.
Ontario keeps clinging to 2016 market values

Ontario keeps clinging to 2016 market values

The recent regulation to postpone Ontario's property reassessment for another year stretches the assessment cycle to double its originally intended time span.
Toronto strives to find more cash

Toronto strives to find more cash

Commercial properties are central to Toronto’s efforts to find more cash as the city government considers how to address massive budget shortfalls projected for 2024 and into the future.
Swimming pools were a buoyant property upgrade option in 2020

Swimming pool safety and liability

In the hot, hazy days of summer, swimming pools are a great source of fun and relaxation, but they also bring a host of risks and responsibilities or property owners.
mayoral candidates

Mayoral candidates talk housing in latest debate

In the latest debate on housing matters, six leading mayoral candidates discussed their policies and promises for addressing Toronto's affordability crisis.
Scarborough Village

Gateway to Scarborough Village

The aging plaza at 3730 Kingston Rd. in south Scarborough is poised to become a vibrant, mixed-use community hub, pending approval from Toronto City Council.
building conversions

From office to residential

Office-to-residential building conversions have been gaining momentum in some Canadian cities, but how viable are they as a long-term housing solution?

Solving Toronto’s housing supply issues

As the election nears, four Toronto mayoral candidates shed light on the policies they believe will help solve the city's housing supply and affordabiity issues.
Greater Golden Horseshoe Guelph

Housing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Does Ontario's growth plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe do enough to encourage affordable housing, or will it lead to more urban sprawl?
Ontario's overdue property reassessment has been postponed for a third time

Overdue property reassessment raises alarm

Ontario’s overdue property reassessment is on hold until at least 2024, leaving many commercial ratepayers with a further wait to realize tax reductions from pandemic-related value erosion.
housing instability

Development-led evictions add to housing woes

New CMHC data explores the prevelance and implications of development-led evictions and other trends impacting Toronto's rental housing landscape.
short-term rental

Short-term rental in a volatile world     

One of many the industries impacted by COVID-19, the short-term rental market will likely see some recover in 2021, according to a new report from Beyond Pricing.
aging residential towers

Investing in Canada’s aging residential towers

Aging residential towers are in dire need of investment, something the pandemic has underscored given the scores of frontline workers who’ve been disproportionately affected.
multi-unit housing starts

A closer look at infill development

As affordable rental housing continues to be a pressing need in the GTA, some housing experts believe infill development is the solution we've been looking for.
15-minute city

 ‘15-minute city’ making a comeback

As urban planners re-evaluate the way our cities were designed through the lens of today’s health and wellness needs, the concept of 'the 15-minute city' is making a comeback.