remove graffiti

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Remove graffiti fast to prevent future tagging

An expert offers tips on how to prevent building vandalism, suggesting the best method is to remove graffiti fast to avoid future tagging.

Canadian Property Management

Mobile surveillance for commercial properties

Mobile monitoring apps have made property surveillance more flexible than ever before, helping to increase tenant satisfaction and protect property value.
AVG Technologies opens new facility in Ottawa

Canadian Facility Management & Design

AVG Technologies opens new facility in Ottawa

AVG Technologies has opened the doors to its new state-of-the-art AVG Business facility in Ottawa, Ont.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Canadian security strategy enlists landlords

Bill C-51, the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act, would give CSIS a broader mandate, including entry, search and installing equipment in buildings.


Balancing condo safety with privacy rights

Condominiums must walk a fine line to balance community safety with occupants' privacy rights.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Lowering the risk of employee theft

What are the risks and implications of employee theft? Insurance broker Andreas Schwartze explains.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Information security

By 2020, information security will become the key enabler in allowing organizations to operate in a highly collaborative world where workers can utilize any device they want and run virtual applications (or "apps") that are hosted and secured ...
Ed Fitchett, Mike Fenton


Safe and sound

This video report provides tips to improve building security inside and out. Commentators: Ed Fitchett, president of Fitch Surveillance Systems, and Mike Fenton, director of consulting and client services at Paragon Security.