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Remote working a growing perk in Canadian offices

Less than half of companies in Canada provide work-from-anywhere options for their employees, according to a new survey .
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Flexible workspace is changing Canada’s suburbs

The trend of flexible working is having a strong, socio-economic effect on suburban areas outside of big cities, according to new research.

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Many UK co-working users prefer traditional office

Forty per cent of co-working users in the United Kingdom would rather work in a conventional office space.

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Startup transforms restaurants into daytime offices

The founder of Hailo has launched a new app, which turns restaurants only open at night into workspaces during the day.

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Remote working boosts productivity: survey

Remote working can boost productivity levels by providing employees with a much-needed change of scenery, according to a survey commissioned by Regus.
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Employees benefit from workplace flexibility: survey

A new study commissioned by Regus finds that 71 per cent of respondents agree that flexible work hours allow them to go out and meet people more often.