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Richard Lyall joins global timber research committee

The president of RESCON has been appointed to a global steering committee that will look at the potential benefits of using a steel-timber hybrid in high-rise buildings.
HVAC manufacturers

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U.S. HVAC manufacturers steel for job loss

The association representing American HVAC manufacturers calls threatened new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports "injurious" to the sector and to manufacturing jobs in general.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Retrofits can Save Buildings

Fire sprinkler retrofits can minimize damage and save lives when upgrading older buildings that may have once been up to fire code, but are now outdated.
CISC present 2015 BC Steel Design Awards of Excellence

Construction Business

CISC 2015 BC Steel Design Awards of Excellence

The CISC 2015 BC Steel Design Awards of Excellence were held in May in downtown Vancouver. Three projects were honoured in their respective categories

Construction Business

Demand for steel heats up

Steel prices have seen relative calm for several years now. This has been the result of a fairly balanced market, with demand in parts of the global economy being off-set by some sluggishness in other areas. But what does the future hold?

Construction Business

Misconceptions about today’s metal buildings

Modern techniques, materials and laboratory testing ensure that today’s metal buildings are every bit as attractive and energy-efficient as their conventional counterparts.