Financial Management



Five top talking points for condo communities

Generate the biggest bang for the corporation’s communication buck by focusing on five important talking points.
reserve fund


Coming back from reserve fund shortfalls

In an ideal world, condominium owners are satisfied with the way their corporation is run, fees are comparable to the condominium down the street, major
performance management

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Building a performance management system

Performance management systems in facility management can take many forms, from simple operations and maintenance plans and spreadsheets to complex integrated technology systems. These systems
Commercial refrigeration


How to start an energy-saving campaign

A property manager walks through how condo boards can combat rising utility bills by starting an energy-saving campaign.


A checklist for setting condo budget priorities

The condo budget may not be sexy, but it's very important as the corporation's financial plan. A senior property manager offers tips for setting priorities.
Brant Park


Demystifying condominium reserve fund studies

Reserve fund studies can be a sensitive topic for property managers, unit owners or board members. An expert shares common problems and possible solutions.
cleaning services

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Toronto pilots office modernization program

In a bid to optimize its real estate portfolio, the City of Toronto has kicked off a pilot office modernization program with a target of 10 to 15-per-cent cost savings.
aging structures

Canadian Property Management

Aging structures on financially shaky ground

Heritage Canada's annual list of endangered places is both an inventory of landmarks at risk and a commentary on social trends and economic dilemmas that undermine efforts to productively preserve significant buildings.
case study capital planning at cfb esquimalt

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Case study: Capital planning at CFB Esquimalt

VFA Canada's Susan Anson recently shared how CFB Esquimalt, Canada's west coast navy base, developed a mission-centred capital planning model.
Elaine Everson

REMI Network

Elaine Everson appointed CFO of Extendicare

Elaine Everson will be stepping into a new role at Extendicare Inc., after serving as vice-president and controller since 1994.
cap-and-trade costs

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Utilities flagged for cap-and-trade costs

Ontario's greater reliance on natural gas heating will likely make cap-and-trade charges more noticeable than they have been thus far in Quebec.
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Canadian Facility Management & Design

Small businesses underestimate data breach risk

One-third of Canadian small business leaders said in a survey that they have no protocol in place for storing or disposing of confidential information. But there are simple steps they can take to mitigate their data breach risk.

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Key interest rate holds at 0.75 per cent

The Bank of Canada reports an easing of national financial conditions since a surprise downward adjustment in the key interest rate six weeks ago, and plans
condominium apartment Q3-2017

Canadian Apartment Magazine

2013 sets the bar for GTA apartment market

Following a breakthrough year in 2013, 2014 saw the GTA apartment market return to its normal supply and demand dynamic. What do the statistics tell us?
Brant Park


Budget prep for condo managers

Each year, every condominium corporation requires a budget to be prepared, approved and circulated to unit owners. This is both for information and transparency purposes,
LNG Canada investment

Construction Business

P3 projects increase payment default risk

The construction business is risky. There aren’t many construction companies that have managed to survive for more than a few decades. As the typical construction

REMI Network

Allied Properties appoints new VP, CFO

Allied Properties REIT has named Cecilia C. Williams vice-president and chief financial officer. Williams is currently vice-president and controller of Dream Unlimited and chief financial