Preparing your chiller for spring

As spring is on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about all the equipment you will need when the temperatures rise and the seasons

Boost energy efficiency in your building

As facility and maintenance managers continue to strive for top building performance, energy efficiency remains an important factor in cutting costs, boosting efficiency, and increasing
fall maintenance

Your fall maintenance checklist

As the kids get ready to go back to school, we look (not too far) ahead to fall’s arrival. With the cooler temperatures and winter

Protect your employees and your facility from air pollution

As the summer heats up, so do wildfires and the smoke they carry. This year Canadian wildfires have sent dangerous levels of smoke up and
HVAC system

Replacing your HVAC system

Heating and cooling are a big part of facility management, so when it comes time to replace your HVAC system, you need all the information
winter equipment

Preparing your winter equipment for storage

Spring is officially here, and that means storing your winter equipment is something that maintenance managers need to start thinking about as the weather warms
HVAC trends

2023’s top HVAC trends

What are this year’s top HVAC trends? It’s likely no surprise that 2023 will see a continued rise in the use of technology to help
power failure

Power failure tips for high-rise condo owners

A crane hit a high-voltage transmission line in Toronto in August and caused thousands of condo owners to lose power for a prolonged period of time. Here are some tips to ensure high-rises are ready for the next power failure.
HVAC maintenance

Fall HVAC maintenance for small building owners

Some pre-winter HVAC maintenance will help ensure your building’s system operates efficiently and effectively for the long term.
HVAC maintenance

Preventative HVAC maintenance tips for fall

Fall HVAC maintenance allows you to look ahead to upcoming spring repairs, budget spending for upcoming expenditures, and keep your building in its best shape for the coming year.

Ventilation has become a recognized priority for infection control

Experts say controlling air quality and flow will be key to the fight against future viruses.
indoor air

Why clean indoor air must be made a priority

Keeping in mind the tangible benefits of ensuring clean indoor air in your facility is crucial to providing a safer and cleaner environment.

Canadian school districts build for healthier environments

The schools installed future-ready infrastructure improvements for healthier, more sustainable learning environments.

HSC & Green Seal unite on standard for IAQ in schools

The standard will be the centrepiece of a program to help school facility management transform health and sustainability.
HVAC filters

HVAC filters demand predicted to keep rising

The driving factor for growth market is increasing demand for HVAC systems and awareness around IAQ.
indoor air quality

Know your way around indoor air quality improvement

Controlling indoor air quality is vital to reducing infection risk and improving health and safety in any facility.

Home owners and builders lack awareness of IAQ health risks

After exposure to scientific findings, the number of homeowners who viewed their homes as somewhat or very unhealthy more than tripled.