Floor Care

fall cleaning

Your fall cleaning checklist

We often focus on spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is important, too! Prepare yourself for the challenges of winter, get ahead of the snow and

Choosing the right floors for your building

If you are replacing your floors as part of your indoor maintenance plan, there is some key information you need to know before you start.
concrete floors

Common maintenance misconceptions for concrete floors

Concrete floors play a crucial role in commercial buildings, offering the appeal of low maintenance, durability, and aesthetics. Because of these traits, polished concrete floors
autonomous equipment

Using autonomous cleaning equipment to attract younger talent

The cleaning industry continues to face high rates of employee turnover and an ongoing labour shortage. In fact, Canada’s cleaning industry saw an almost 145
smart buildings

How smart buildings affect commercial cleaners

With technology constantly improving building operations, how have these changes affected commercial cleaners and their work? Smart buildings use technology to gain valuable data, helping

Getting your hard floors back-to-school ready

It’s almost that time of year again when schools reopen and are flooded with traffic, trampling over floors during all sorts of weather. The summer
carpet care

Focus on winter carpet care

Winter brings a unique challenge to carpet care. During the warm and dry periods of the year, the soil that builds up in the carpet

Robots gain momentum for commercial floor cleaning

In recent years, we’ve mostly heard about touchless technology dominating commercial cleaning, with things like traffic counters, automatic dispensers, sensored doors, and more, but part
office floors

Cleaning floors for health, instead of for appearance

Science is emerging about facility managers prioritizing your floors to clean for health, rather than for appearance.
floor scrubbers

Extending the lifespan of floor scrubbers

Failure to properly maintain scrubbers can lead to wasted time, money, labour, and other resources.

Extending the lifespan of carpet

Most quality commercial carpet has a life expectancy of 10 to 30 years, but hitting the upper end of that range requires proper regular care.
Absorbent compound cleaning

Knowing your way around absorbent compound cleaning

This method can be a highly useful tool in cleaning, maintenance, and restoration — as long as you know how best to use it.
tile and stone floors

Keeping tile and stone floors up to scratch

These floors are an attractive and popular choice for many facilities and can last a long time - but only with adequate maintenance.
ice melt

The need-to-know about using ice melt

While it's a common winter solution, there are several things that ice melt users need to be aware of.

How to manage winter cleaning in your facility

Winter can be a messy time for facilities, and it’s critical that facilities focus extra attention on cleaning for both appearance and health.
Executive Mat Service

Better mats, lower carbon footprints

This ESG pursuit can take facility owners and managers in many different directions. That includes under one’s feet. For more insights, we reached out to Jeff Grabinsky, Vice President of Development & Sustainability with Executive Mat Service (EMS).
floor inspections

The advantages of third-party floor inspections

In some situations, such as the need for specific evaluations, validations, or corrective actions, third-party floor inspections make sense.