Equipment & Tools


Storing your summer maintenance equipment

When the summer season officially comes to an end, cleaning, repairing, and storing your outdoor equipment effectively should be part of your fall maintenance strategy.
fall maintenance

Your fall maintenance checklist

As the kids get ready to go back to school, we look (not too far) ahead to fall’s arrival. With the cooler temperatures and winter
smart buildings

How smart buildings affect commercial cleaners

With technology constantly improving building operations, how have these changes affected commercial cleaners and their work? Smart buildings use technology to gain valuable data, helping
gas to electric

Switching your grounds equipment from gas to electric

Maintenance and facility managers are always looking to improve their operations and simplify their processes, so you may be looking at switching your equipment from

The role of VR in building maintenance

In the world of smart technology, have we advanced to the point where VR has a role in building maintenance? Virtual reality has been around
UV disinfection

UV disinfection market expected to expand quickly

UV disinfection has increasingly been recognized as an effective method of infection prevention.
smart washrooms

Smart washrooms can help reduce germ transmission in healthcare facilities

Be smarter and cleaner when it comes to washroom hygiene.

Where do BSCs and PMs go from here?

A building service contractor and property management discussion on the present and the future was a cornerstone of the 2022 ISSA Show Canada program.
UV-C light

Safely using UV-C light to disinfect indoor spaces

Historically, there have been two strategies to address the safety concerns with using UV-C light to disinfect air in occupied spaces.
robotic tech

OSHA updates guidance on robotic tech

The cleaning and janitorial industry has come to increasingly rely on robotic tech, and this requires updated stringent standards.
cleaning supplies

How to tell it’s time to upgrade cleaning supplies

There are a few telltale signs that a cleaning tool may no longer suit the requirements of cleaning staff.

Hidden dangers of antimicrobial building products

Little evidence exists that building products containing antimicrobials actually prevent disease transmission and lead to healthier populations.
ISSA Show North America

Numerous companies, individuals honoured at ISSA Show North America

Awards handed out included Innovation of the Year and Innovation Nominees, Rising Star Award, and ISSA Hygieia Network Awards.
foot traffic

6 ways to prepare for increased foot traffic

Businesses can prepare for greater foot traffic by implementing strong protocols.
fire-damaged wood

Deodorizing smoke- or fire-damaged wood

It's impossible to remove every smoke particle or fire byproduct, but smoke and fire-damaged wood can be cleaned to a point where any odour is undetectable.
dispensing equipment

Key approvals for dispensing equipment

Hydro Systems' new white paper provides a closer look at industry standards on dispensing equipment.
air purifier

Getting UV-C air purifier placement right

UV-C air purifiers are often installed correctly, and this can reduce their effectiveness by as much as 50%.