Capital Planning



A guide to finding the right roofing contractor

Low-slope roofing systems, on top of most residential towers, will typically require replacement following a service life of 20 to 30 years.
supply chain

REMI Network

Supply chain disruptions a ‘mixed bag’

Over the past few months, the pandemic has prompted supply chain disruptions that could affect the planning of capital projects in condominiums.
SuiteSpot turnover management

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Transforming the Turnover Process

More and more property management stakeholders are leveraging advanced systems and resources to take the risk and headache out of turnover management.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Proactive sustainable repairs for aging assets

Opportunities to transform existing buildings into more energy efficient assets arise when forming a capital plan and thinking long-term.
Business Meeting

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Capital planning meets operational maintenance

Capital planning and operational maintenance are often viewed as separate categories, but the gap can be bridged to create a dynamic program.