U.S. looks to UK's BIM expertise

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U.S. looks to United Kingdom’s BIM expertise

Building sciences practitioners in the United States are looking to the United Kingdom for guidance as they develop a national building information management (BIM) program aligned with international standards.

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Construction predictions for 2021

With construction projects challenged as a result of the pandemic, many companies are reimagining their business models.
digital design

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Wood and digital design tools

With the increasing number of prefabricated, modular timber projects being built, innovations in digital design tools offer many benefits.
global spending

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Global construction to hit $18 trillion by 2030

By 2030, global spending in construction is expected to touch $17.5 trillion, with China, the US, and India accounting for 57 per cent of all global growth.
BIM survey

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Enhanced facility management through BIM

When properly implemented, BIM can greatly improve the productivity and efficiencies associated with the planning and development of virtually any project. Here's how.

Canadian Property Management

Rendering and Interactive Visualization

By definition, visualization technology is a technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message. But in essence, it’s so much more.
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Design Quarterly

Managing building information better

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not only modeling, but a management of that modeled information, and what project teams do with it.

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Where is all the building information modelling?

Building information modelling (BIM), as a concept, has been around for over 50 years. But despite touted advantages, adoption remains a challenge.

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Built Environment Technology Association launches

The Built Environment Technology Association (BETA) has been established to help the real estate industry better utilize developing technologies.
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Inaugural CanBIM Awards

The Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) held the first ever National CanBIM Awards, recognizing excellence in Canada’s Building Information Modelling (BIM) community.

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BIM implications for facility management

How is the Centre for Health and Safety Innovation using building information modelling to help manage its facility? CHSI's Geoff Williams explains.

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Building information modeling

This video report looks at the value and cost of implementing BIM. Commentators: Autodesk Canada's John Janzen, EllisDon's Thomas Strong and Zeidler Partnership Architects' Ian Fairlie.

Design Quarterly

Learning to share

The Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) recently held a regional session in Vancouver. The presentations consistently emphasized one fundamental aspect of building information modeling (BIM): collaboration.
Caesar Ruest & Patrick Saavedra

Building Strategies & Sustainability

BIM raises the bar

This video report looks at building information modeling. Commentators: Caesar Ruest, a BIM solutions executive at Autodesk Canada, and Patrick Saavedra, manager of planning and architectural design at York University.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Cost control in construction

This video report looks at how to manage construction costs. Commentators: EllisDon's Thomas Strong and Pelican Woodcliff's Ronnie Mandowsky.