Construction Business

Bird signs five new contracts worth $530M

Bird Construction has signed five new contracts with a total value of more than $530 million. Projects include a 13-storey modular tower in B.C.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

SMG to provide FM for Texas performance venue

SMG has signed a contract with Lubbock Entertainment and Performing Arts Association (LEPAA) to operate the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Science.

Construction Business

Pay when paid

Although there has been no contractual or statutory recognition of the inequity of "pay when paid" clauses up to this point of time, change is on the horizon.

Construction Business

Alliance contracting

Alliance contracts are incentive-based relationship contracts in which the parties agree to work together as one integrated team.

Construction Business

Streamlining project delivery

Touted as a time and cost-saving measure, design-build project delivery has taken the North American construction industry by storm.

Construction Business

Design-build projects

The popularity of design-build is found in its advantages. One of those is the potential for design innovation. Owners can benefit from creativity generated ...

Building Strategies & Sustainability

The worry-free way to energy retrofits

An energy performance contract is an agreement between a building owner and an energy service company (ESCO) whereby the ESCO takes full responsibility for identifying, financing, implementing, commissioning ...

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Managing within the law

An employer may mean to provide its employees with fair employment contracts but when disputes arise, parties often disagree on the rights they ...

Construction Business

Completion issues

The British Columbia Builders Lien Act treats completion – whether it be substantial completion of a contract or subcontract or ...

Design Quarterly

Learning to share

The Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) recently held a regional session in Vancouver. The presentations consistently emphasized one fundamental aspect of building information modeling (BIM): collaboration.

Canadian Property Management

TV service providers to jostle in new markets

A recent decision from the CRTC puts TV service providers in a better position to compete in some commercial and institutional buildings.

Construction Business

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Construction contractors may be tempted to pursue any advantage they can to land a deal. While some advantages may be legitimate opportunities for bidders, some conduct may be anti-competitive and therefore illegal.