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Canadian Property Management

Financing the Future: $3.75 Billion in Loans to Build Rental Housing

Having a stable supply of rental housing is critical to our nation’s housing future. That’s where the Rental Construction Financing Initiative comes in.

Construction Business

Equipment: the buy vs lease dilemma

Should you buy, rent or lease equipment for your construction projects? Equipment investment is a necessary cost for many general contractors.

REMI Network

Three Ways Engineers Can Improve Building Projects

Hiring only a contractor for a building project could mean missing out on a level of engineering expertise that is, in fact, profitable in the long term.
How to invest for success in a hot rental market.

Canadian Apartment Magazine

How to Invest for Success in a Hot Rental Market

“The rise of permanent renters," has ignited a hot rental market for apartment buildings. However, investor demand far exceeds supply.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

New Construction Financing

New rental construction is a hot topic these days, but the headlines don’t tell the whole story. Construction financing is complicated and only a small percentage of deals are truly viable. Find out what three key considerations govern all successful financing outcomes.