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Living walls cultivate air quality and wellbeing

Living walls are becoming increasingly popular in retail, institutional, office and residential interior spaces, and for good reason.
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Balancing Tenant Comfort and HVAC Design

If an HVAC system is well-designed, with proper air quality and air flow, tenants will be satisfied and property managers will field fewer complaints.

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Poor IAQ a concern in elementary schools

Poor indoor air quality and the humidity in public elementary school classrooms is having an increasingly negative impact on learning and school safety.
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Canadian Property Management

How TD Bank HQ achieved WELL certification

An interiors project for TD Bank headquarters recently became the world’s first project certified under v1 of the WELL Building certification.
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New ASHRAE standard affects multi-residential

Changes to ASHRAE’s new indoor air quality standard include requirements for multi-residential spaces, environmental tobacco smoke and operations.

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U.K. doctors predict new indoor air pollutants

Burgeoning technologies may also come with unforeseen environmental contaminants and health impacts warns a new study from the United Kingdom's Royal College of Physicians.

Building Strategies & Sustainability

Guide defines indoor air quality competencies

Two respected professional associations have collaborated to produce a first-ever compendium of knowledge and skills that competent indoor air quality (IAQ) practitioners should possess. The