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Licenses needed for short-term rentals in Vaughan

The City of Vaughan is regulating its short-term rental market after a bunch of public consultations that started in 2018.
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Tribunal upholds Toronto’s short-term rental by-law

Toronto’s short-term rental regulations are no longer in limbo after the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal dismissed operators' appeals on Monday.
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Managing short-term condo rentals

The explosive growth of online short-term rental websites has caused considerable controversy and concerns for condominium corporations
short-term rentals

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The long-term impact of short-term rentals

Rules surrounding short-term rentals have been the subject of much debate in cities all across Canada. What will the long-term effects of the new rules be on Toronto's multi-res apartment owners?

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Condo corp partners with Airbnb in Canadian first

As some condo corporations struggle to enforce rules against short-term rentals, one condo corporation has rolled out the welcome mat for Airbnb.
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Quebec City condo to allow Airbnb-style rentals

Condos LB9, a new $150-million condominium development to be located in Quebec City, is the first project in Canada with a condominium agreement that specifically