Interior Maintenance


The future of warehouses

As facility and maintenance managers look at changing it up for 2024, there are a few trends affecting warehouses that may influence their decision-making.  As

Boost energy efficiency in your building

As facility and maintenance managers continue to strive for top building performance, energy efficiency remains an important factor in cutting costs, boosting efficiency, and increasing

Is your facility ready for winter?

Winter brings its own unique challenges to facilities, and preparing for those conditions ahead of the cold weather can save you time, money, and headaches.

Getting started in decarbonization

As we strive to lessen our impact on the environment, decarbonization is something that maintenance managers can work towards to help reach the sustainability goals.

Minimizing the risk of winter mould

Winter brings increased precipitation, melting snow and ice, and warmer temperatures indoors – ideal conditions for indoor mould growth. Prevention is the key to avoiding
slip and fall accidents

Avoid slip and fall accidents in your building

Winter brings snow, ice, and an increased risk for slip and fall accidents in your facility. Minimizing these risks and keeping your facility clean is
fall maintenance

Your fall maintenance checklist

As the kids get ready to go back to school, we look (not too far) ahead to fall’s arrival. With the cooler temperatures and winter

Using textiles to improve wellness and lower maintenance

Facilities today face stricter cleaning and maintenance standards, as the general public continues to become more informed about climate health, sustainability, and the environment. This
power tools

Making power tool safety a priority

Facility managers often use power tools in the day-to-day maintenance of their buildings, but are you staying as safe as you can be? According to
equipment rentals

Adding equipment rentals to your maintenance plan

As a maintenance manager, you may not have access to all the equipment you need throughout the year, and equipment rentals can save you time

Avoiding summer mould in your building

The heat of the summer weather can have adverse effects on your building and your maintenance plan. Along with added moisture from rainfall, the risk
clean energy

Using clean energy in your facility

As sustainability continues to be a growing priority for many business owners and facility managers, there are steps you can take to go with a

Washroom upgrades can help save water

As sustainability continues to become more important for businesses, looking for ways to cut back on your water use may help you get closer to
smart toilets

Are smart toilets the way of the future?

As technology continues to evolve the commercial cleaning industry with innovation, where do smart toilets fit in? The smart toilet global market is predicted to
commercial lighting

Innovation in commercial lighting

What’s new in the world of lighting? As sustainability takes centre stage in the world of maintenance and management, commercial lighting has evolved to embrace
smart glass

How smart glass can benefit your building

Many building operators are looking to lower their carbon footprint and go greener, and products like smart glass can help you get there. On average,

Stepping up your building’s recycling

For maintenance managers, recycling can often be part of the mandate to improve efficiency and lower your building’s carbon footprint. As sustainability becomes even more