Art rental

Many major public galleries allow people to try out artwork before committing to making a purchase. Clients can take their time and live with a piece of art before deciding if it’s for them.

High efficiency plumbing fixtures

Over the past 20 years, manufacturers have caught up technologically with the requirements established by the EPA and gone a few steps farther, introducing 1.28 gpf, 1 gpf and even 0.8 gpf toilets.

The future workplace

Flexible work styles, open workstations, access to daylight and collaborative spaces were all identified as key design elements for the future workplace ...

Digital fever

Ink-jet technology represents a new system of floor and wall tile decoration that is positioned to alter the way ceramic and porcelain is decorated.

High-performance bathrooms

From varying faucet spout heights to all inclusive shower systems, designs are effortlessly blending technology and style, while allowing personal customization to enhance daily activities in the home.

Beyond the colour wheel

Effective use of colour must always be motivated by a clear design rationale that can be related aesthetically to the built form, functionally to wayfinding or branding, or psychologically to the needs of the end user.

Beyond the walls

The most significant trend is the kitchen that creates a seamless transition between indoors and out. Today’s kitchen contains all the desired accoutrements that can adapt to serve both spaces in a cohesive way.

The outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen has become the new indoor kitchen, encompassing all the conveniences of an indoor kitchen so delicious culinary creations can be executed from start to finish outside.

The ratings are in

As television prices continue to drop and sizes increase, designers need to rethink room design.

Learning to share

The Canada BIM Council (CanBIM) recently held a regional session in Vancouver. The presentations consistently emphasized one fundamental aspect of building information modeling (BIM): collaboration.

The resurgence of linoleum

Linoleum flooring fell into decline in the post-war era after the invention of vinyl flooring, which was cheaper and faster to produce and available in a wider range of colours. But as interest in sustainability and life cycle costing has grown ...

Steam power

Steam oven cooking is a strong emerging trend in kitchens and steam-convection combinations offer the best of both worlds.

Specifying an effective sound masking system

To ensure a sound masking system works as expected, a clear set of performance standards should be established prior to procurement. If not, the system may not provide the desired level of speech privacy or noise control.
NKBA kitchen report

The “live-in” kitchen

The new kitchen revolves around changing where traditional work centres are placed within an expanded roomscape still labelled the kitchen.

Remarkable realism

A renaissance of sorts is underway in the vinyl flooring industry. Choice is no longer limited to sheet vinyl, peel-and-stick with its contrived designs and faux finishes, and vinyl composition tile. Now, there are luxury vinyl tiles ...