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Facilities urged to properly dispose of fats, oils, grease

Compared to residential units, ICI facilities often discharge larger amounts of fats, oils and grease into the sanitary sewer.

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Repair Pipes Without Disrupting Residents

Repair Pipes Without Disrupting Residents

Canadian Apartment Magazine

The value of an apartment water audit

What is an apartment water audit and how is it done? Klaus Reichardt of Waterless No-Flush Urinals offers his expert advice.
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Canadian Apartment Magazine

10 tips to prevent frozen and burst pipes

Frozen and burst pipes can cause major damage to residential buildings. But landlords can take simple yet effective steps to prevent damage from occurring.


Limiting water damage during emergencies

How can a property manager minimize water damage during a leak while waiting for a technician? Derek Kernick of Brady & Seidner Associates explains.
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Grey water technology flush with savings

Grey water recovery systems are starting to gain traction in commercial and multi-residential buildings because of their ...

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High efficiency plumbing fixtures

Over the past 20 years, manufacturers have caught up technologically with the requirements established by the EPA and gone a few steps farther, introducing 1.28 gpf, 1 gpf and even 0.8 gpf toilets.