interior design public

Protecting the public interest

The profession of interior design in B.C. has been self-regulated since 1950 and protecting the public interest is a core mandate.
Accessibility is everybody's business

Opinion: Accessibility is everybody’s business

Society benefits, and invariably prospers, when people everywhere can more easily share their experience, knowledge and culture and exercise their spending powers
Ukrainian urbanists incubate post-war recovery

Ukrainian urbanists incubate post-war recovery

A network of Ukrainian urban planners and designers is looking ahead to post-war recovery as the country endures an 11th month of destruction, displacement and uncertainty.

IDC celebrates 50 years of interior design

Founded in 1972, IDC is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and invites members to join in the festivities.
Measure success

Measure of Success

Measure Architecture has been making bold statements with its design sensibility since its inception in 2007.
Accessibility carries a simple business case

Accessibility carries a simple business case

Many commercial real estate operators are making the simple business case for buildings that are functional for all potential users. It’s a quest that can begin with simple investigations, simple low-cost measures and simple mindfulness.
home design behaviours

Shifting behaviours influence home designs

The pandemic has shifted consumer behaviours toward interior design, with many wanting comfort and security in the home.

The mass timber “wave” in North America

North America is experiencing a resurgence in the use of wood in construction with particular interest in building taller with mass timber.

The traditional office is dead

The pandemic has prompted many questions about the future of the office. Is it dead? Is remote work here to stay? The office as we knew it is a thing of the past.

Six women shaping Canada’s residential spaces

Women developers, architects and interior designers are helping to manifest just a few of the country’s most dynamic condos and communities.
workstation home

Creating a healthy home workstation

Designing an optimal home workspace remains an area of focus for professionals determined to start 2021 on the best foot possible.
labour market

Dawn of a new era for development in Canada

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, many analysts predict we're at the dawn of a new era for development in Canada.
virtual meetings

Shifting the conversation

The pandemic has changed the conversation. For interior designers, the conversation with clients has shifted to virtual platforms.
9 block project safety

9 Block Project by students creates vibrant change

The 9 Block project is a series of safety initiatives to improve vibrancy and safety in the nine blocks around City Hall.
virtual meetings

Finding opportunity in a crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for design firms to streamline business operations and enhance collaboration.
pandemic restroom design

Rethinking restroom design

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is fast tracking infection control technologies. Design strategies in public restrooms will reduce coronavirus transmission.
tall wood

Achievements in tall wood buildings

Sean Ruthen provides a review on Jim Taggart and Michael Green’s new edition of Tall Wood Buildings. The new book provides updates to the 2017 edition.