Bathroom trends: personal touches

Friday, June 9, 2023

From its inception in modern homes, the bathroom has been a place of functionality — a place to take care of personal hygiene and store cleaning products and toiletries. But that approach to bathroom design is changing. Fueled by cutting edge trends, the prevalence of home improvement content across pop culture channels and a recent pandemic that forced everybody to spend more time in their homes, there is a growing focus on the bathroom as a personal retreat.

That is very much reflected in emerging trends in bathroom design.

“The modern bathroom is a personal oasis where you can get away and relax without having to leave your home,” says Harry Kandilas, director of showrooms with Wolseley Canada. “If there is any room in the house that should have a touch of luxury, it is the bathroom. As we shift our perspective of the bathroom and its role in the home, we are seeing more advanced accessories, more technology and more bold design ideas make their way into both renovations and new builds.”

Among the bathroom trends that Wolseley Canada is seeing in 2023:

Bold Colours — This is more than just the colour of the paint on the wall. Bold tiles bring new life to showers, backsplashes and floors. Even the bathroom fixtures. Kohler is re-introducing two heritage colours, as voted by fans of the brand, to help mark its 150th anniversary. Later this year, expect to see sinks, toilets and other elements in Spring Green — an original shade from Kohler’s introduction of colour in 1927 — and the 1930s-era Peachblow.

Big Showers — Home bathroom design in the late 1980s and early 1990s liked to incorporate an over-sized, built-in bathtub. In the 2020s, those tubs are coming out in favour of spacious walk-in showers. Shower panels give these a spa-like feel. They often incorporate rainfall showerheads, or multiple showerheads to add an element of romance to the shower.

Mix-and-Match Design — Matte black faucets with gold or chrome accents — or vice-versa — are showing well for this year. The mixing of hues on faucets adds a unique and stylish element to the sink area or in the shower.

Touchless ­— Post-pandemic, there is a hyper-awareness about cleanliness. Touchless faucets remove what was once a common touchpoint where germs could be spread. Operating with the wave of a hand, they combine innovative infrared technology with a futuristic look.

Technology — These aren’t your parents’ toilets. Intelligent toilets incorporate technology for heated seats, touchless flushing and lid-opening, bidet functionality and night lights built in. Enhanced electronics and use of UV and stainless wands ensure anti-microbial cleaning. Hand controls are customizable for up to four different users to customize the experience with heat selection and wand positioning.

Comfort — Modern bathrooms are re-creating the spa experience. Massaging hand showers, body sprays and steam systems are among the key pieces in the shower that invite relaxation. You can even work aromatherapy into your shower experience.

Sustainability — Environmental awareness is very trendy in 2023, and that extends to bathroom fixtures that conserve water. Look for faucets and showerheads that don’t compromise quality and water flow while still minimizing the water you use during your daily routines.

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