Sound Masking

sound masking

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The evolution of sound masking technology

An expert explains the how the architecture of sound masking systems, which largely determines their performance, has evolved.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Maintaining target sound masking volumes

How often does a sound masking system’s performance need to be measured to ensure it is operating at the target masking volume? K.R. Moeller Associates' Niklas Moeller provides his expert opinion.


Noise solutions that work for other industries

Sound masking technology distributes an engineered sound throughout a space, providing precise control over the background level. It is designed to mask human speech and also covers up or reduces the impact of other types of noises.

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Specifying an effective sound masking system

To ensure a sound masking system works as expected, a clear set of performance standards should be established prior to procurement. If not, the system may not provide the desired level of speech privacy or noise control.