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Office workers taking precautions action as COVID-19 concerns persist

Employees are taking more COVID-19 precautions and changing their workplace habits as concerns begin to mount again.
public washrooms

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Public washrooms still popular as public looks for touchless options

Public washrooms have remained popular despite COVID-19, but people are increasingly looking for touchless facilities.
handwashing habits

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

Americans beginning to drop improved handwashing habits

According to Bradley Corp's new Healthy Handwashing Survey, Americans are slackening the habits they had reinforced early in the pandemic.
school washrooms

Facility Cleaning & Maintenance

School washrooms are receiving failing grades from students

Bradley Corp's latest Healthy Handwashing Survey focuses on attitudes towards high school washrooms during COVID-19.
pandemic restroom design

Design Quarterly

Rethinking restroom design

The global pandemic of COVID-19 is fast tracking infection control technologies. Design strategies in public restrooms will reduce coronavirus transmission.