connected sites

Building better requires connected job sites

Canadian construction companies need to take advantage of technology to make projects as efficient and fast as possible.
digital shortage

Digital technology key to labour shortage

The acute skilled labour shortage is impacting construction companies ability to bid on projects and meet project deadlines.

Prefabrication: tremendous opportunities

Prefabrication offers many advantages to build more efficiently, helping to address challenges the construction industry is facing.
management effective project

Tools for effective project management

Data analytics are effective tools, proving highly valuable for the construction industry.

Building a better construction industry

Technology has been the catalyst for significant advancement in the construction industry and can remove barriers and promote inclusivity.

Connecting jobsites with telematics

With telematics technology, jobsites can run better, faster, safer and at a lower cost. Leveraging technology is key.
prefabrication VDC

Prefabrication and VDC critical for complex projects

Prefabrication and virtual design and construction (VDC) were critical for the delivery of two mass timber showcase projects in Vancouver.
trade Canada

Is the construction supply chain ready?

The pandemic has had severe impacts on the construction industry when it comes to material shortages and supply price increases.

Improving construction safety with technology

How can companies use technology to increase safety on their job sites moving into the future? Here are some digital tools available.
Graham equipment

Protecting equipment, employees and properties

Equipment theft and protecting workers on construction sites prompted Graham Construction to install a surveillance solution on site.
construction workers

Attracting a new generation of construction workers

The industry needs to rethink how they attract and retain workers and what they can do to encourage millennials to pursue careers in construction.

GPS tech can help businesses stay efficient

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving techn solutions like GPS tracking to help keep construction jobsites safe and efficient.
road construction

Preventing deaths in road construction

Road construction is a hazardous occupation and ranked as one of the most dangerous places to work. Technology is key to helping prevent injuries.

The power of visual documentation

One of the most critical investments you should make ahead of any new construction project is visual documentation, a tool that can impact bottom lines.

A smart business case for GHG reduction

Smart buildings offer the best hope to reduce carbon effectively, reduce energy costs and provide good return on investment.

Transforming construction productivity

For the last several decades, construction productivity has remained stagnant. This is primarily due to a lag in digitization.

Where is all the building information modelling?

Building information modelling (BIM), as a concept, has been around for over 50 years. But despite touted advantages, adoption remains a challenge.