Training employees is key to cybersecurity

Providing proper cybersecurity training for all employees is critical to prevent online attacks, according to Ron Borsholm.
supply chain

Is the construction supply chain ready?

The pandemic has had severe impacts on the construction industry when it comes to material shortages and supply price increases.

BCIT: Encouraging women in trades

BCIT is B.C.’s largest trades training institute with trades and apprenticeship programs, and has the longest-running Women in Trades program.
women in trades change

Women in trades: the challenge of change

Change is not easy. And women entering the male dominated construction industry know that better than most, representing 4.5 per cent of the skilled trades.

Boosting morale during COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread, so do the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Many employers are boosting morale with creative initiatives.
Construction rebar imports from nine countries subject to dumping investigation

Construction rebar imports spur dumping inquiry

Canada Border Services Agency is currently investigating evidence that up to nine countries are dumping products that undercut domestic prices and are deleterious to Canadian manufacturers.
construction safety technology

Improving construction safety with technology

How can companies use technology to increase safety on their job sites moving into the future? Here are some digital tools available.

Changing procurement in construction

Procurement is an integral part of a construction project, but the culture of “lowest bid” is unsustainable. Collaboration is needed.
mental health

Building support for mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic is emphasizing the importance of having strategies in place to provide support for mental health in construction.
seismic safe school

Time is right for a construction career

The Progressive Contractors Association of Canada is promoting a career in construction with the launch of Opportunity Knocks.
Graham equipment

Protecting equipment, employees and properties

Equipment theft and protecting workers on construction sites prompted Graham Construction to install a surveillance solution on site.
construction workers

Attracting a new generation of construction workers

The industry needs to rethink how they attract and retain workers and what they can do to encourage millennials to pursue careers in construction.

GPS tech can help businesses stay efficient

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving techn solutions like GPS tracking to help keep construction jobsites safe and efficient.
proposed code changes

Sights and sounds of proposed code changes

A package of proposed changes to Canada's National Building Code aims to improve navigability and safety in large buildings for people with mobility, vision and/or hearing constraints.

Pay raise, slowing volume, shortage of workers

The ICBA CEO breakfast at Buildex Vancouver highlighted the association's annual wage and benefits survey with worker shortages remaining the top concern.
outdoor air

IAQ standards dissect freshness of outdoor air

Guidance related to natural ventilation, particulate filtration and compartmentalization of multi-residential HVAC systems are prominent in the list of identified "significant changes" compared to the incumbent 2016 version of the standards.
road construction

Preventing deaths in road construction

Road construction is a hazardous occupation and ranked as one of the most dangerous places to work. Technology is key to helping prevent injuries.