timber tourism

Timber has strong ties to tourist attractions

Tourist attractions and visitor centres throughout B.C. have drawn inspiration from the natural environment, with abundant use of wood.
mass timber

Taking the next step with mass timber

Mass timber is the next big step in green buildings. The benefits of mass timber include its ease of construction and light carbon footprint.
wood IPD

How IPD can transform design and construction

Integrated project delivery (IPD) is proving very effective for the design and construction of prefabricated mass timber buildings.
wood construction

Building civic pride in wood

Through its Wood First Act, the province of B.C. encourages public institutions to consider using wood in construction where appropriate.

Timber tales of wood and nature

A writer and poet shares his encounters with nature and wood on a trip travelling south from Pemberton via the Lower Mainland to Penticton.

Building community with B.C. wood

Throughout British Columbia, local residents are using sustainably harvested B.C. wood to build arts, cultural and community centres.
technology wood

Technology meets tradition

A First Nations forester turns to traditional knowledge and new technology for wiser resource management.
wood wellbeing health

Wood is good for wellbeing and health

An increasing number of health-care facilities are making use of wood in their buildings to bring a warm, natural aesthetic.
wood benefits

Wellness benefits with wood

Studies have shown the health benefits of wood in the built indoor environment including lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels.
wood busby

Busby: timber trailblazer

Architect and timber advocate Peter Busby is taking his passion for wood to another level, having worked with all manner of wood over the years.
wood busby

On the move with B.C. wood

B.C. forest products are a predominant structural and finishing material for a wide range of transit infrastructure throughout the province.
wood pools

Wood is a strong performer in pools and ice arenas

An effective insulator with a warm aesthetic, wood is particularly well suited to the demanding atmospheres of swimming pools as well as ice rinks.

Wood on the rise in residential and hotels

A demand for sustainable design is making wood the right choice for a variety of residential and hotel projects. Wood construction offers various benefits.
wood mass timber

Winning with wood

Multi-family developers are discovering that the innovative use of wood and mass-timber construction can save money and offer a competitive advantage.
timber schools

Timber adds class to schools

As students returned to school, they settled in to educational environments made warmer and more comfortable through the use of wood in building design.
timber class

Timber is top of the class

Abbotsford Senior Secondary School principal Rob Comeau talks about why wood is good for schools and how wood makes students feel at home.
B.C. wood growing

B.C. wood: growing part of neighbourhoods

Showcasing the beauty of wood, B.C. forest products are being used to help make recreational facilities feel warm and inviting.