The new architecture of schools

From improved indoor air quality to student-centred design, now more than ever, the architecture of schools is under scrutiny.
small rental units

Research: construction cost analysis of MURBs

This research focuses on how to design and build NZER wood-framed, multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) as cost-effectively as possible.
Tatras netting

Innovation in engineered netting systems

Tatras sees huge potential for engineered netting systems to be deployed across Canada such as on bridge rehabilitation projects.

Wood is a viable option for industrial buildings

Wood industrial buildings are nothing new. Wood construction is a viable, economical alternative for the industrial development sector.
biophilic design

Biophilic design and the impacts on health

Wood, Well-being and Performance: The Human and Organizational Benefits of Wood Buildings by by Dr. Graham Lowe looks at biophilic design.
wood school

Four-storey wood school design in British Columbia

The report Four-Storey Wood School Design in British Columbia: An Analysis of Structural System Cost Comparisons looks at framing options.
wood carbon climate

Getting serious about climate smart construction

Climate change and its associated effects may be a global challenge, but B.C. municipalities are taking action to reduce its impacts.
digital design

Wood and digital design tools

With the increasing number of prefabricated, modular timber projects being built, innovations in digital design tools offer many benefits.
timber tourism

Timber has strong ties to tourist attractions

Tourist attractions and visitor centres throughout B.C. have drawn inspiration from the natural environment, with abundant use of wood.
mass timber

Taking the next step with mass timber

Mass timber is the next big step in green buildings. The benefits of mass timber include its ease of construction and light carbon footprint.
wood IPD

How IPD can transform design and construction

Integrated project delivery (IPD) is proving very effective for the design and construction of prefabricated mass timber buildings.
wood construction

Building civic pride in wood

Through its Wood First Act, the province of B.C. encourages public institutions to consider using wood in construction where appropriate.

Timber tales of wood and nature

A writer and poet shares his encounters with nature and wood on a trip travelling south from Pemberton via the Lower Mainland to Penticton.

Building community with B.C. wood

Throughout British Columbia, local residents are using sustainably harvested B.C. wood to build arts, cultural and community centres.
technology wood

Technology meets tradition

A First Nations forester turns to traditional knowledge and new technology for wiser resource management.
wood wellbeing health

Wood is good for wellbeing and health

An increasing number of health-care facilities are making use of wood in their buildings to bring a warm, natural aesthetic.
wood benefits

Wellness benefits with wood

Studies have shown the health benefits of wood in the built indoor environment including lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels.