Negligence and dangerously defective work

A recent B.C. court case illuminates the intricate landscape of liability for negligence in construction when the risk level is dangerous.

The impact of wildfires on project insurance

The growing severity of wildfires in B.C. means insurers are restricting when and where they’ll provide coverage.
code changes

Major changes for B.C. Building Code 2024

Accessibility, mass timber, liveability and safety are the focus of major changes coming to the BC Building Code.

Strategies to reduce fire risks on job sites

Those who adopt new materials and technologies can lessen the threat of fire and prevent their projects from going up in flames.

Collecting payment in uncertain times

Collecting unpaid accounts in challenging economic times requires careful attention and planning.
safety resources

Sharing Construction Safety Resources

The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations is an united umbrella organization that facilitates resources and information.

Weather events creating insurance turmoil

With catastrophic weather events hitting hard across the country, 2022 was ranked the third worst year for insured losses in Canadian history.
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Getting paid in construction

In the construction industry, there is no shortage of challenges. Managing cash flow problems due to delay in payments is one of the most significant.

Understanding collaborative contracts

Collaborative construction contracts are not new to Canada, but their popularity has increased significantly in the past few years.

B.C. budget disappoints business groups

The BC Budget 2023 fails to address the increasing costs facing businesses and the province’s competitiveness.
prompt payment

Get ready for prompt payment

B.C. is expected to follow other Canadian jurisdictions that have implemented prompt payment legislation, which sets payment timelines.
Infrastructure investment a go-to in downturn

Infrastructure investment a go-to in downturn

For public partners, P3s are a means to transfer risk. For the private sector, infrastructure’s recession-proof profile dovetails with expectations for a prolonged building spree.
prompt payment

Lien rights upon termination of head contract

A recent British Columbia Supreme Court decision re-visits the issue of when the lien period starts to run upon termination of a head contract.
worker safety

8 essentials for worker safety

AFFLINK's Safety Supply Checklist outlines eight essentials for facility managers and workers.

A net zero future for windows

What will new codes and a net zero future mean for glazing and window products? Two speakers share insights at the 2022 FGIA conference.
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Construction insurance is still going up

Insurance will cost more this year. In fact, the industry has been dealing with inflationary pressures for the past three years.
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Contract bonds offer low cost guarantee

Contract bonds offer a low cost guarantee, usually costing less than a one per cent premium on the subcontractor’s contract amount.