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Urban exodus in Ontario may be exaggerated

Small-town life appeals to only 18 per cent of big city residents who are considering selling their home in the next year.

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Scam callers claiming to be Tarion persist during pandemic

Tarion flagged the issue last June when it first came to light. Homeowners on the receiving end of the phone calls were offered tax refunds and asked for banking information.

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Tarion issues new advisory to condo corporations

Tarion has issued a new advisory on mandated deadlines related to the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.
looming multifamily exodus

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U.S. birth data hints looming multifamily exodus

U.S. housing analysts are drawing links between the rising age of first-time mothers and the country's vibrant multifamily apartment market in recent years.
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New condos have most construction issues: U.S. study

According to a recent study of U.S. homeowners from CAI, most construction deficiencies occur in new condominium developments and are due to poor workmanship.


Gen Y in Quebec values home ownership: survey

The results of a survey on choices and buying and selling intentions in Quebec’s real estate market commissioned by the Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ,