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Solid pre-pandemic fundamentals underpin Canadian real estate market

Canadian Property Management

Solid pre-pandemic fundamentals buttress market

Thus far, in most markets, there’s been no spurt of office sublets or rent discounts that conventionally signify an economic downturn, but there has been a flurry of conjecture about the forces COVID-19 may have unleashed.
real estate arms of major Canadian pension funds scrutinized for COVID-19 responsibility to workers

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Pension fund watchdog tuned to real estate arms

Board trustees for some of Canada’s most prominent commercial real estate portfolios are underscoring the obligations owed to on-site building services personnel during the COVID-19 crisis.
Data centres gain traffic during COVID-19 related business shutdowns

Canadian Property Management

Data centres gain traffic missing from highways

At least 84 Canadian commercial buildings have been abuzz during protracted COVID-19-related business shutdowns. They house the data centres that have literally underpinned the continued functioning of the economy.
Canadians now fill half of BOMA International executive officer positions

Canadian Property Management

Details of CECRA program rollout still emerging

The CECRA program is voluntary. Not all eligible landlords will necessarily take advantage of this program for various reasons.
Q1 stats reflect first quintile GTA investment activity

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Q1 stats reflect first quintile GTA investment

Arguably, Q1 stats more accurately reflect the first quintile of 2020 activity since COVID-19 skittishness placed a pause on the market in early March.
COVID-19 related pressure for rent deferrals affecting mortgage loan liquidity

Canadian Property Management

Regulators plumb mortgage loan liquidity

COVID-19-related pressure for rent deferrals begets landlords' needs for loan concessions and heightened uncertainty for lenders.
More investors could be considering real estate as a migration portal in the wake of COVID-19


Real estate gains allure as migration portal

Henley & Partners has charted a first quarter pickup in investment programs that offer a gateway to residence in Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, and projects a growing appetite for similar opportunities elsewhere in the European Union.
rent deferrals could transfer burden for GST/HST remittances to landlords

Canadian Property Management

Deferrals should address GST/HST remittances

Tax specialists are reminding commercial landlords that rent deferrals could have flow-through implications for required GST/HST remittances to the Canada Revenue Agency.
significant turbulence upends first quarter results

Canadian Property Management

Significant turbulence upends Q1 outcomes

Office landlords could be focused on issues around rent deferrals and mechanisms for payment support well into Q2, while social distancing imperatives have accentuated somewhat diametrical trajectories for industrial and retail properties.
Real estate, legal and financial services providers are rallying to support the Canadian hotel industry

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Canadian hotel industry draws troubleshooters

Real estate, legal and financial services providers have come together to offer support and work their networks on the hotel sector's behalf during the COVID-19 crisis.
ergonomic lighting

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COVID-19 ripples through to commercial leasing

Landlords and tenants are continuing to move lease transactions forward in anticipation of a return to business as usual in the near future.
multifamily and retail stability on the CRE priority list

Canadian Property Management

Multifamily and retail stability on priority list

Some of Canada’s most prominent commercial real estate players are tackling the challenge of COVID-19, asset class by asset class.
favoured lease horizons vary with the economy

Canadian Property Management

Favoured lease horizons vary with economy

Commercial landlords may be looking differently at the mix of lease horizons in their buildings and across their portfolios than they did a few weeks ago.
redemption gates

Canadian Property Management

Property funds possess stabilizing mechanisms

REALPAC’s recent survey of 15 Canadian open-end real estate funds offers insight into when and why fund administrators would suspend the ability for investors to redeem their holdings.
COVID-19 fallout

Canadian Property Management

Real estate suffers uneven COVID-19 fallout

Market analysts foresee a varying degree of short-term and long-term impacts among real estate asset types, as well as supply chain interruptions that could slow activity at construction sites and in the booming distribution/warehouse sector.
Canadian real estate companies respond to survey on proptech potential

Canadian Property Management

Proptech potential still largely unexploited

Global and Canadian survey results suggest proptech is more piecemeal than strategically deployed in many cases, hindering the capacity to integrate data collection and interpretation.
TSX Venture Exchange

Canadian Apartment Magazine

REITs boast 2019 gains on TSX Venture Exchange

Venture 50 accolades are awarded based on three equally weighted criteria for one-year gains in share price, trading volume and market capitalization.