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CRB Program Building operations

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CRB Program’s Six Disciplines, Explained

Membership in the Certified Rental Building Program (CRBP) is an effective means of maintaining a high standard of quality when managing your building or working
Air Vapour Barrier

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The Enigma of Air Vapour Barriers

How well do you know your air vapour barrier? Monitoring your air vapour barrier performance today can prevent significant headaches down the road.
VRF system

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Moving your Bottom Line: How One Change in your HVAC System can Result in Significant Savings

This summer, consider a VRF system: a flexible heating and cooling solution that will help you manage your energy management needs and your bottom line.
Pollard Windows & Doors

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Choose What is Right for You and Your Property

Looking for windows and doors for your property or your next building project? Pollard Windows & Doors has the right products for you.

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Clearing the Clutter: 5 Benefits to Eliminating your Paper

Cutting through clutter is key to making the most effective use of a property manager's time. While many solutions have promised to do just that, few are as effective as going digital.
Elite Trade Painting

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Tips for Painting your Commercial Property

Mike Benteau, president of paint contractors Elite Trade Painting, provides some tips to keep in mind when considering your property’s next paint job.

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Benefits of having the right property manager

Constructing a building that meets all regulatory standards and is made to last is one thing; but making it generate revenue over the long term,

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The changing world of property management: Andrew Lowe, Oxford Properties

Andrew Lowe is a seasoned veteran of the property management business. Ask him a question on virtually any industry topic and you’re sure to get

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Ethics and Good Decision-Making in Real Estate

“Leadership has an ethical core, and ethics means not just making good decisions, but leading others in making good decisions.” – Chris MacDonald, Founding Director
maintenance plan

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Building a Pavement Maintenance Plan

Building a maintenance plan is key to the longevity of your pavement, as heavy damage can be avoided if addressed early through regular maintenance checks.


Property manager selected for Calgary condo

Property management company C-Era Property Management & Realty Associa (C-Era) has been selected to provide financial, management, communications, record-keeping and administrative services for downtown Calgary’s Drake Condominiums (Drake).