vested interests


Who plays a role in managing vested interests?

Bonflict of interest on the board of directors is a topic that often raises ire of many owners and prospective buyers.

Canadian Property Management

Ethics and Good Decision-Making in Real Estate

“Leadership has an ethical core, and ethics means not just making good decisions, but leading others in making good decisions.” – Chris MacDonald, Founding Director

Canadian Property Management

Global real estate ethics standards in works

The draft standards and associated consultation period follow 15 months of work since the effort was launched at the United Nations in October 2014 to develop a consistent global definition of appropriate behaviour that practitioners, clients, third parties and stakeholders can readily reference.
UL Environment

REMI Network

CRE coalition defines ethical business conduct

A coalition of global real organizations is seeking input on the attractiveness of ethical business conduct in a place of employment, in contracting professional services and/or in investment decisions.
professional engineer

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Pariah is not a professional engineer

The term, engineer, is often applied laxly, but only licensed professionals are legally entitled to that status.