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New regs usher in expansion of CAT disputes

The Ontario government is amending a regulation under the Condo Act, which will allow the CAT to exclusively handle more types of disputes.

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B.C. considers Labour Relations Code changes

The B.C. government has released a report on updating B.C.’s Labour Relations Code after consultations with businesses, and labour organizations.
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Last chance for Albertans’ input on improving condominium governance

Albertans that would like to provide input on ways the government can improve condominium governance and dispute resolution have until November 10 to do so.

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Tenant-landlord dispute resolution services grow

As of March 1, residents of southern Alberta will have access to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS), a quasi-judicial tribunal created in 2006 to help landlords and tenants resolve disputes quickly and affordably.


Defusing condominium disputes

While conflicts between tenants is expected in multi-res buildings, property managers must deal with condominium disputes before they escalate.


Responding to enforcement letters

Many condominium disputes can be resolved a lot sooner and for much less money if unit owners simply respond to ...

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Dispute resolution

More and more, players in construction are turning to alternative dispute resolution processes such as arbitration and mediation in an effort to reduce the cost and delay associated with litigation.