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Amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act

Updates to the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) are coming September 1, 2021, and Ontario landlords are advised to take note.
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Evicting tenants during a pandemic

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge across the nation, the dispute over whether evicting tenants is ethical has reached fever pitch.
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B.C. caps 2021 rent increase to 1.4 per cent

The maximum annual allowable rent increase in B.C. for 2021 is 1.4 per cent, which is less than half of what it would have been before COVID.

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B.C. landlord threatens eviction for dog owner

A Burnaby, B.C. landlord has issued letters to approximately 30 tenants at a 14th Ave. apartment building, demanding that they submit canine stool samples, says a recent article from CBC News. The dog owners, one or two of which are guilty of leaving dog excrement in the building’s stairwell on two separate occasions, could face eviction if they refuse to comply.