Future Cities


Future Cities Institute aspires for breakthroughs

The institute aims to tackle the systemic drivers of housing-related affordability and innovate across sectors.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

Plastic chemicals face growing scrutiny

The United Nations Environment Assembly adopted a resolution on March 2, 2022, to end plastic pollution by 2040.
federal budget

Construction Business

Industry’s mixed reaction to federal budget 2024

Housing is a major focus of the 2024 federal budget and industry reaction has been mixed.
capital project


Considerations for deferring capital project work

The industry panel discussed what capital repairs and replacement costs could potentially be deferred by prolonging the life of various building components and what professional resources to seek for guidance.
Defaulted real estate loans on the upswing

Canadian Property Management

Defaulted real estate loans on the upswing

Many creditors and debtors are now grappling with the fallout from a largely unexpected change in market conditions over the course of their loan agreements.


WELL evolves into residential communities

Minto Communities is the first developer in Canada to pilot the WELL for residential program, which sets out to create healthier homes.


Pushing for a workplace culture shift

Condo managers are familiar with hostile work environments, but cases of harassment and intimidation, and even violence, have reportedly increased due to a confluence of factors.
reserve funds


Overhauling reserve funds in Ontario

As the landscape of aging condos continues evolving, the need for adequate reserve funds to pay for these repairs assumes greater importance.


What’s next for condominium insurance?

Timely maintenance and improvements will play an important role in securing favourable coverage terms and avoiding delays in the renewal process.


A look at the CAO’s draft anti-harassment rule

Harassment towards property managers, directors, contractors, and residents remains a significant problem within condominium corporations.
Interest rates subdue multifamily development

Canadian Apartment Magazine

Interest rates subdue multifamily developers

Fallout from higher interest rates may continue to subdue multifamily development, but lenders express more confidence in prospects for new purpose-built rental and high-rise condominium projects next year.


The call for safer condos in Ontario

Conflicts and disputes within Ontario’s condo communities are fueling a conversation around safety reform and adding pressure to make residential buildings better places to live and work.

Canadian Facility Management & Design

New standards for sustainable material use

A new set of standards defines minimum sustainability criteria for high-volume materials used in architecture and interior projects.


Enforcing the governing documents

How can a property manager or board member understand what steps to take when enforcing the governing documents?


Actuaries garner new insight into condo finances

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ latest insight statement on the longevity of condo infrastructure explores several risks.


Tornado research uncovers risks for homeowners

Canada’s tornado risk is more widespread than once thought, according to a growing body of research that, for the first time, tracks the occurrence and aftermath facing property owners across the country.
Ontario awaits patchy debut of discount power


Ontario awaits patchy debut of discount power

Most condominium corporations and rental housing landlords will need to make capital investments in energy storage to realize the benefits of Ontario's ultra-low overnight electricity rate.