Sustainable Practices


Getting started in decarbonization

As we strive to lessen our impact on the environment, decarbonization is something that maintenance managers can work towards to help reach the sustainability goals.
clean energy

Using clean energy in your facility

As sustainability continues to be a growing priority for many business owners and facility managers, there are steps you can take to go with a

Washroom upgrades can help save water

As sustainability continues to become more important for businesses, looking for ways to cut back on your water use may help you get closer to

Making your groundskeeping greener

Many maintenance managers and building operators are looking to lessen their carbon footprint, and as part of that endeavour, are considering getting greener with their
sustainable cleaning

Sustainable cleaning matters

Sustainable cleaning is on almost everyone’s minds as we continue to strive to lower our environmental impact. As we evolve from “green cleaning” to longer,
EV charger installations subsidized outside big Ontario cities

How EV chargers can help your business

Are you considering adding EV chargers to your outdoor maintenance plan? As the demand for sustainable practices continues to grow, many companies are looking for
commercial lighting

Innovation in commercial lighting

What’s new in the world of lighting? As sustainability takes centre stage in the world of maintenance and management, commercial lighting has evolved to embrace
floor care

How to make your floor care greener

Sustainability is on everyone’s minds, and making your floor care more environmentally friendly is a great start for a sustainable maintenance strategy.  As the “green

Stepping up your building’s recycling

For maintenance managers, recycling can often be part of the mandate to improve efficiency and lower your building’s carbon footprint. As sustainability becomes even more

Sustainability in the city

As people all over the world strive to lower their carbon footprints and move closer towards an eco-friendly life, the City of Waterloo is a
facility audits

Three types of facility audits

Even with a quality control program in place, facility audits are a smart move to address any ongoing issues and prevent surprise expenses for facility

Sustainability and the cleaning industry

For commercial cleaners, sustainability is the new green cleaning. Many facility managers remember when the professional cleaning industry first stopped using traditional cleaning solutions, products,
green cleaning

Evolving from green cleaning to sustainability

In recent years, “green cleaning” has become important to businesses as a way to mitigate the cleaning industry’s negative effects on the environment. According to
salt use

Maintenance tips for lowering your winter salt use

Does your winter outdoor maintenance program rely on salt use? Outdoor maintenance comes with its challenges all year long, but winter can be particularly unique.
cold and flu season

A sustainable approach to cold and flu season

Cold and flu season is well underway, and planning ahead will help keep guests and staff safe and healthy. Why not take a sustainable approach

How to go green with your landscaping

If you want to take a greener approach to your facility’s landscaping, now is a great time to plan ahead, optimize your asset management, and
ISSA Show North America 2022

Canadian presence noticeable as ISSA Show North America sees strong increase in attendance

ISSA Canada made its return to the one show for facility solutions – ISSA Show North America – which took place at the McCormick Place