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Vote for the cleaning industry’s best innovators

The ISSA Show Innovation Awards honours trailblazing companies in the commercial, institutional, and residential cleaning community.
carpet rinses

Which carpet rinsing method is right for you?

Understanding which carpet rinses are best for your situation is key to making the most of the process and getting the best results.
cleaning products

Demand for cleaning products predicted to keep growing

The North American market is expected to account for approximately 30% of global sales in 2021.
paper towels

Paper towels still a better drying experience: survey

A new survey finds consumers prefer paper towels as a hand-drying method for efficiency and speed in the washroom.
industrial vacuum cleaner

Selecting the right industrial vacuum cleaner

Finding an industrial vacuum that matches the environment and application will result in more effective and safe cleaning.
disinfectant market

Antiseptic & disinfectant market could reach $200B in 10 years

The report also identified key players in the antiseptic and disinfectant market.
disinfecting wipes

Consumers are still wild about disinfecting wipes

An American Cleaning Institute survey found that the pandemic-heightened demand for wipes is expected to last.
supply chain

6 evolving supply chain and distribution trends

As we continue to inch beyond the pandemic, we are starting to see specific supply chain trends evolving.
sustainable cleaning

The future of sustainable cleaning

Whatever the facility, prioritizing sustainable cleaning creates a healthier, greener environment for all.

Promoting health and safety in the washroom

As vaccinations increase and people become more comfortable visiting public spaces again, there will be greater demand for clean washrooms.
green cleaning

Green cleaning beyond the pandemic

Post-COVID-19, there is no room for guessing or trial-and-error purchasing. If green cleaning is here to stay, it must be tried, tested, and proven.
cleaning product prices

Cleaning product prices on the rise

Resin used for plastic production is in high demand but short supply.
hand hygiene

Hand hygiene essentials for World Hand Hygiene Day

Implementing touchless features is among the chief ways of ensuring and communicating hand hygiene.

Reopening plans spark conversation about washroom hygiene

Businesses are looking to make hygienic upgrades to keep returning employees and visitors safe. But have they considered the washroom? 

Are carbon labels coming to professional cleaning?

Consumers are increasingly scrutinizing product labels looking for another metric: the carbon footprint of a product.
carpet care

How to smarten up your carpet care program

Careful inspections and the best method and product choices lead to superior cleaning and carpet care.
hygiene in schools

Promoting better hand & surface hygiene in schools

Proper hand hygiene training, heightened cleaning, and access to hygiene products are essential to keeping schools safe.