Financial Management


Infrastructure investment a go-to in downturn

For public partners, P3s are a means to transfer risk. For the private sector, infrastructure’s recession-proof profile dovetails with expectations for a prolonged building spree.

CRE measures up as Canadian economic driver

A new report estimates commercial real estate made a $148.4 billion total contribution to Canada’s GDP last year, when factoring its direct, indirect and induced impacts.
Special assessments foreseen as CPI rises

Special assessments foreseen as CPI rises

Coming out of an extended period of low inflation, many condo boards will confront reserve fund shortfalls as the consumer price index now pushes up toward 7 per cent.
Construction rebar imports from nine countries subject to dumping investigation

Construction rebar imports spur dumping inquiry

Canada Border Services Agency is currently investigating evidence that up to nine countries are dumping products that undercut domestic prices and are deleterious to Canadian manufacturers.
Waste biomass generation tapped for tax credit

Claiming research and development tax credits

Valuable tax incentives, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency, for R&D are often worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
money laundering

Real estate flies red flags of money laundering

Some of the signals of potential malfeasance in real estate transactions are not obvious or only appear ominous when they are part of a pattern of questionable conduct.
property tax breaks

Alberta enables long-term property tax breaks

Newly adopted amendments to Alberta's Municipal Government Act extend provisions that were initially devised to support the rejuvenation of derelict brownfields to all non-residential properties.
cash flow

Improve cash flow strategies in construction

One of the most common issues in cash flow for construction companies is poor accounts receivable management. Learn some best practices.
COVID-19 fallout

Some drag in buoyant 2018 investment returns

A surging industrial sector helped to counterbalance slipping retail values and push up 2018 investment returns on Canadian commercial real estate.

Post-occupancy audits in P3 construction projects

When carefully and transparently planned, P3s offer some significant advantages to owners and communities.

Resolving disputes by arbitration

Construction contracts often call for disputes to be “finally resolved” by way of arbitration in order to exert some control over the process, keep disputes out of the public record, and manage costs.

P3 projects increase payment default risk

The construction business is risky. There aren’t many construction companies that have managed to survive for more than a few decades. As the typical construction

Perceived building costs prevent conservation

A recent survey reveals that Canadian business leaders generally undervalue the return on investment from energy efficiency.

Contractors have new choices in bonding facility

The days of the one-size-fits-all bonding facility in Canada are over. Smaller contractors now have choices when it comes to bonding.