Human Resources


Pushing for a workplace culture shift

Condo managers are familiar with hostile work environments, but cases of harassment and intimidation, and even violence, have reportedly increased due to a confluence of factors.

A look at the CAO’s draft anti-harassment rule

Harassment towards property managers, directors, contractors, and residents remains a significant problem within condominium corporations.

The call for safer condos in Ontario

Conflicts and disputes within Ontario’s condo communities are fueling a conversation around safety reform and adding pressure to make residential buildings better places to live and work.
minimum wage

The impact of minimum wage increases

This minimum wage increase is larger than most in recent history, second only to that imposed on January 1, 2018.

Condo managers breaking gender stereotypes

The underrepresentation of women is a prevailing narrative across the traditionally male-dominated building sector, but the world of condo management tells another story. 

Legal implications of AI in condo management

AI in condominium property management can have several legal implications, depending on how it is implemented and used. Here are some important legal considerations:

Actuaries garner new insight into condo finances

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ latest insight statement on the longevity of condo infrastructure explores several risks.

On trust and transparency in condos

As the cornerstone of condominium living, trust is, oddly, seldom spoken about amongst owners and residents.

Auditors and annual general meetings

As we emerge from the pandemic, some boards of directors are considering a return to in-person annual general meetings.

Legislation escalating condo manager workloads

There are many problems with having property managers act as a condo’s legal representative in a CAT application.

How technology can revolutionize the governance of shared-ownership properties

What if there was an easy way to improve participation in governance to achieve a higher standard, particularly on questions of significant importance?
labour shortage

Rethinking staffing models amid a labour shortage

How new staffing solutions could improve a property manager’s working conditions and ease the labour shortage.

Maintaining healthy contractor relationships

Construction and project planning, now more so than ever, must assign realistic expectations of scheduling and staging to meet contractor and material availability.

Effective decision-making equals good governance

The essential key to board good governance is effective decision-making, both in and out of the board meeting.
capital projects

Freeing-up time for capital projects

Achieving a more symbiotic approach to property management requires understanding the crucial tie between leading-edge occupant services and proactive maintenance.

There’s no eye for an eye in team

Making decisions as a team and standing together as a team is a key component to success.
condo managers

Creating a career path for condo managers

Rallying future condo managers to join the industry, including young professionals, requires a great deal of awareness, which is currently lacking.