A new approach to mid-rise living in Etobicoke

A new spin on the concept of stacked townhomes is promised to boost missing middle housing typologies in the Greater Toronto Area.

Housing and healthcare under one roof

n a city bereft of affordable housing and access to healthcare, two condo projects are setting out to combine these uses under one roof.

Actuaries garner new insight into condo finances

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ latest insight statement on the longevity of condo infrastructure explores several risks.

Tornado research uncovers risks for homeowners

Canada’s tornado risk is more widespread than once thought, according to a growing body of research that, for the first time, tracks the occurrence and aftermath facing property owners across the country.

Existing condos: rising to modern standards

New regulations from multiple levels of government are forcing condominium boards and property management companies to consider more than just a simple cost-benefit calculation when examining repair and retrofit options.

Electric ride-sharing is the newest condo amenity

Residents of a freshly built mid-rise in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto have a fleet of electric vehicles waiting for them to use, whether that’s for a trip around town, a weekend getaway to the cottage or visiting family out-of-province.

The truth about acoustic underlayment

With the increasing number of people living in condominiums, the need for superior sound control underlayment has become more prevalent than ever.

Construction costs rattle the condo industry

Construction cost increases are a significant concern if a condo needs to complete work in the next year or so. But the concern isn't just the here and now.

Land-use designations stir debate in Mississauga

Landowners in Mississauga wanting to redevelop their properties for residential mixed-use purposes hope to reverse an employment designation on Dundas Street.
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Probing election promises for housing supply

With Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives (PCs) entering another four-year term, the development community is keeping close tabs on election promises made around housing supply and affordability.
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Living with dignity in multi-generational housing

Multi-generational homes are often an afterthought for builders who continue to favour housing geared to nuclear families. Rarely do municipalities legislate them.
Special assessments foreseen as CPI rises

Special assessments foreseen as CPI rises

Coming out of an extended period of low inflation, many condo boards will confront reserve fund shortfalls as the consumer price index now pushes up toward 7 per cent.
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What’s ahead for Ontario’s condo market?

While overall activity has declined, condo supply continues to remain very constrained in the primary GTA markets. However, new pre-construction launches continue to be very popular.
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Condos at high risk from reserve fund shortfalls

The growing crop of condo owners across Canada will likely encounter huge annual fee increases and lump-sum payments due to low reserve fund contributions, authors of a new research report are warning.
condo market

Condo market offers hope amid housing woes

Those seeking more affordable housing options are finding a cure-all in the condo market, which offers affordability, availability, amenities, and neighbourhood liveability.

The fatal flaws behind the Surfside condo collapse

Building failures of this horrific scope are seldom seen in North America. But it is important to examine what happened so we can learn and prevent similar collapses in the future.
blind bidding

Realtors scrutinize proposed blind bidding ban 

One of the more contentious policies to surface over the past week is a subscribed end to blind bidding.